Trash Your Useless Wall Clock – Get Hidden Spy Camera Clock

Not all wall clocks are created equal. Some wall clocks are more functional than the other. A spy camera clock would have hidden cameras well hidden and built into it to record all activities.

Believe me, I really hate to sound like an alarmist, but I hate to break it to you that next time you visit somebody’s home or office, and lift up your head to look at the wall clock, you are actually saying “cheese” and having your face recorded by that spy camera stylishly built into the clock. Some hidden cameras can even be disguised as radio with clock on them.

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Clocks with hidden spy cameras are perfect for people who do not feel they need 24/7 security cameras, or do not wish to pay for a security service that will remotely monitor activities in their home.

There is some comfort in knowing that while they may not need a security camera on all the time, they can have their mantle clock or wall clock record everything on their properties.

This simply means that you can easily have secret surveillance cameras nearly in every room in your home. How sweet is that? The bedrooms, the living room, the dining, kitchen, and sometimes, even in the bathroom. Spy camera clocks can serve many incredible functional purposes.

See How Easily You Can Use Clock with Hidden Spy Camera

Watch That Baby Watcher Watch Your Baby

How can a hidden camera clock be beneficial to an average home owner or parents? Consider this example; most parents often crave an evening out with friends.  Perhaps they have been given a recommendation for a babysitter, or perhaps there’s someone in the neighborhood whom they can easily call for help.

Either way, this will be their first time leaving their baby home with someone else.  No matter how much they trust this person, there is always a bit of apprehension that someone else won’t care for their colicky baby behavior, or won’t respond to them in a timely fashion the way the parents might.

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With a hidden camera wall clock in the nursery, the parents can keep an eye on how things are going – or how things went – when they are away from the baby.  After seeing how the babysitter did with their newborn, the parents can then feel more relaxed and reassured that their child is in capable and caring hands the next time they choose to enjoy an evening out.

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Watch That Handyman with Clock Radio Spy Camera

Sometimes, there is the occasion that home owners/renters need maintenance work done inside their homes where they may not be able to supervise.  For example, I live in an apartment.  I do try to see if the apartment manager will schedule maintenance work when I am at home, but that cannot always be arranged.

Each time this happens, I feel uncomfortable leaving my home unattended. I worry that the maintenance guys might enter rooms they are not supposed to or that they might leave my front door open and let my cats out.  Worse, what if they harm one of my cats when they are in my home?  These are issues I wish I could control.

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Monitor Your Garage Sales with Hidden Spy Camera Clocks

Even when setting up a garage sale, a spy camera clock could come in super handy. Most times, you have to set up so many items on your tables, merchandise on the lawns and/or driveways a day before the sales.

Of course, we hope that we don’t get any dishonest person breaking into our property during the night, but that’s a chance we take.  Wouldn’t it be nice that if we wake in the morning to find things missing, that we have video evidence to show the police?

No questions, spy camera clocks fit in well with your other belongings in the home because it is expected that a clock will be there. This expectation is not the same when you see security cameras mounted in the corner of every room.

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Although visible security cameras may cause a would-be thief to change his mind, but on the other hand, obvious surveillance cameras may also cause that thief to believe you must have something extremely valuable in the house that you don’t want stolen.  Besides, visible security cameras may cause your honest guests to feel a bit uncomfortable as well.

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What Happens When You Don’t Use Hidden Camera Clock?

Isn’t this obvious?

The answers are limitless.  In my former rented apartment, the owner hired a manager who was a convicted felon.  This man was given a master key to all of our apartments, and he did found a good use for them all!

Several of us noticed that we were coming home to lights on that we knew we had left them off and dresser drawers slightly open that we knew we had shut completely.  Of course, we wouldn’t know right away if or what belongings were missing, or what had taken place in our homes.

Not knowing if this man would try to enter our homes when we were there and cause harm to us or our families (furry or other), was disturbing!  Having a clock with spy camera puts the owner and renter at ease.  You can sleep more soundly, and we know that we have a very cheap way to gather evidence should we ever need it to report a crime.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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