Is Home Alarm Companies Protection Service Necessary?

Are you still wondering if it’s worthwhile to have home alarm companies providing security alarm monitoring service to protect your home and properties?

Then you definitely need to see this home burglar video for some motivations to spur your interest.

Watch how outdoor security camera systems captured two burglars breaking into a home just within 20mins that the home-owner went to run a quick errand.

The burglars kicked, thumped, hammered and broke the front door, and then, they stripped the family of precious belongings, flat screen TV and expensive jewelries all within 10secs of entry!



Note that the video security monitoring systems detected the theft but could not prevent the intrusion from occurring.

This is one major difference between house alarm systems and home video surveillance systems.

Even if you have DIY home security system, you cannot possibly check your home yourself all the time. So, it cannot be as effective as having a dedicated alarm monitoring service provided by some of the top home alarm companies.

How Home Alarm Security Companies Protect Your House

The main job of home alarm companies is to pass the signal to the police, fire and health authorities when the alarm is set off.

Once a signal is produced by your house alarm systems, it is automatically passed to the security center of the respective alarm monitoring companies.

In order for this to happen, you need to connect the house alarm systems to your home telephone via a specific connection jack.

You do not have to call the monitoring center yourself. Your alarm will automatically distribute the signal so that you can get help immediately.

When a dispatcher at the center receives the signal, they will call for confirmation that the signal is genuine. At the same time, they will send for help.

If you answer the phone and say that the alarm has gone off accidentally (called House False Alarms. See 5 Ways to Prevent Home Alarm Systems False Alarms), you will have to give a security code to confirm that it is really you calling. Only then will the dispatcher tell the authorities not to visit your home.

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In the video above, if the woman had installed security alarm systems for the home, then the burglar could have been captured or scared off at the least which could have prevented a huge loss.

Smart Questions You Should Ask Agents of Your Home Security Alarm Monitoring Company To Avoid Troubles

Before you can choose from the many security alarm monitoring companies to protect your home, you need to know which company offers the best home alarm systems and services that are perfectly suitable for your personal needs.

There are tens of security alarm monitoring companies both national and regional that offer wireless alarm systems for the home.

A simple search online will show you a number of them that you can choose from.

However, when deciding which alarm monitoring company you will go with, please consider asking yourself and those home alarm companies some questions.

Top Home Alarm Security Smart Questions to ask:


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