How Home Monitoring Systems Will Transform Your Home

Have no doubt, future video security and alarm system design for home monitoring systems are fast evolving.

They are transforming into powerful devices that can automatically recognize you and your family members as residents… but accurately zero in, capture and identify criminals’ faces.

Just like that movie Transformers, next generation residential monitoring systems technology would be a war between the good and the evil, revenge of the victimized, revelation of the “Darks”, and stoppage of plans of atrocious criminals on the innocents.

Now, before we cut to the chase, know that this article is actually a continuation of our home security systems reviews on the top 5 most powerful surveillance system features to watch out for in the future.

In that review, we pointed out that wireless connectivity and smart touch screen are 2 of the most unshakable features that will dominate future surveillance monitoring systems.

In this post, I will show you #3: how future high-tech home surveillance monitoring systems will transform your world and help recognize, capture and nab criminals in your neighborhood.

These future systems will be powerful software-enabled security monitoring devices with amazing notification features that will alert you even when someone with criminal record or child abuse stays too long on your front yard!

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Biometric-Enabled Home Security Monitoring Systems

Fact is, we have all seen then in movies, and some people probably have these biometric enabled systems to control access to some highly restricted areas of their properties, such as cash safes, vaults, highly confidential documents, etc.

Biometric security devices are being built into high-end computer laptops, high security buildings, door locks, secret safes and some latest home electronics gadgets.

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Indeed, they are no more new. Biometric enabled systems have been in existence for the past few decades.

Some other software-defined features such as motion detection, voice detection, smile detection, face detection, wink detection, etc already built into electronics devices like point-and-shoot handheld cameras will become more common.

Still not new, hun?

Now, what will be new in the next-Gen smart home monitoring systems, however, is the integration of all these features we have mentioned into single, highly effective, very affordable home monitoring systems that anyone can buy, configure and use out of the box.

For example, imagine your business surveillance monitoring systems being able to capture and scan customers’ faces; scan a database and the report last time a customer visited your store.

Definitely, such high-tech smart security monitoring systems would help capture pilferers, shoplifter and rustlers who have talents for making things disappear anywhere they go!

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In writing these home security systems reviews, we strongly believe future biometric-enabled home security system monitoring devices will include the follow features:

  1. Surveillance camera with facial detection and recognition software
  2. House alarm systems with biometric fingerprint readers
  3. Door access control systems with biometric identification such as fingerprint, and voice recognition.
  4. Integration of home video surveillance systems and alarm security systems with iris (eye) identification, hand geometry identification, voice detection and control.
  5. I’m thinking a time will also come, when these devices will be so powerful and smart that we will even have odor detector smart sensors to detect body odor using Olfactometer.

It is just a matter of time before they become widely available and ubiquitous. How do you think electronics security system would be in future?  Share your knowledge and idea with us.


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