Why Using Home Security Camera Systems is Inevitable

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Across the country, several homes, hospitality industries, gaming, education, retail outlets and several other businesses have experienced unprecedented cumulative losses due to crime rates, frauds and other related issues.

This decadence has eaten so deep into the society so much that it is reportedly affecting the bottom line, profits and cost of operations of several companies and businesses, especially start-up enterprises.

On daily basis, some companies experience problems ranging from employee theft, shoplifting, and illegal use of trash dumpster to vandalism, accident fraud and related but unnecessary litigation by employee and customer.

Some of these criminal activities stem from intent to dupe, swindle or take advantage of weaknesses in the companies’ policies or security measures.

An example is a work injury claim for which the injury did not actually occur at work!

Reports have shown that retailers and stores without business security monitoring systems face an astronomical loss of over $13 billion yearly – that is, $35M on daily basis!

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Homes and apartment residences are not spared in these social atrocities as many homes are being burgled on daily basis. Even worship places like churches are not spared from being robbed!

So many homes have security lapses that make them constant targets of vandalism, property incursion, breaking and entering as well as burglary. This security loopholes are partly due to ignorance and nonchalant attitude of some home-owners.

Security watchers have also reported that residential without home security camera systems also lose a staggering amount of money yearly.

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Surely, the need for home surveillance equipment in our present crime-prone society cannot be over-emphasized.

Imagine the level or anarchy and lawlessness that our country would have plunged into without motion activated security camera to watch jailhouse, CCTV security camera systems to watch courtrooms, security alarm monitoring systems providing access control for homes.

The truth is our need for video camera security systems can only be envisaged to increase over the next couple of years as a result of societal moral decadence. It will be unwise for home-owners not to have a home surveillance camera system to checkmate possible crimes.

Similarly, it will be unacceptable for retailers and store owners not to own at least a digital or network video recorder (DVR or NVR) security camera systems to capture all events and activities around their business premises.

Senior homes and elderly care facilities would NOT err on the side of caution if they do not install a home care video surveillance camera system to monitor possible mistreatment of clients or patients.

In fact, such failure may cause the health company huge loss in litigation if a patient files a mistreatment claim.

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