Why Using Home Surveillance Systems is a Smart Move

Unknown to many, video home surveillance systems was first used in prisons and jail houses in the late ’90s to help prison officials and warden to watch prisoners and discover their various escape strategies!

Now, people have realized the great benefits of this digital video surveillance equipment, and have expanded its use for home and business video security and surveillance applications.

Initially, only banks, casinos and government building can afford the high costs of these digital video surveillance camera equipment until recently. Nowadays, how many people use home surveillance systems?

Oh, so many and so many more people are going to get on the band wagon especially now that the world is unbelievably tending toward moral decadence and mind-troubling social vices.

It is thus proper to believe that statistics of households that will continue to set up home surveillance monitoring systems for theft prevention, crime reduction and deterrence can only increase in the coming years.

But as home owners continue to adopt the use of home surveillance camera systems, they will constantly be faced with similar problem.

Problem is neither the cost of the security equipment nor how to understand the technical details and configure the camera security system, rather the problem is how to confidently choose the best video security camera that is right for their homes or business premises they want to secure.

That discussion is not the subject of this page, rather, we have worked out some great suggestions for choosing the best security camera systems somewhere else for you.

In this article, we discuss 3 major reasons for using home security video surveillance camera and some recommendations on the best video security and surveillance monitoring system that you can install in your homes, offices and business premises and then check them in real-time from anywhere in the world 24/7.

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Crime Prevention & Deterrence

If you are a house owner who has a home surveillance monitoring system installed but you are still afraid that a criminal night be watching your home and probably learning how to outsmart your home monitoring equipment.

Relax now and put your mind at rest because criminals are learning fast that it is really difficult to outsmart home video surveillance and alarm systems.

If potential criminals are aware of the possibility of being watched or recorded while in action, they often consider that the risk of detection far outweighs the benefits.

Studies shows that 9 out of 10 digital home surveillance systems installations are for theft prevention while 4 out of 10 are for prevention of violent crimes such as murder, sexual abuse among others.

When people are aware of the presence of video camera surveillance equipment, they are often afraid of it because they do not wish to be caught doing something illegal on camera.

Many people have capitalized on that induced fear of surveillance cameras and have practically installed fake or decoy security cameras to scare of criminals from their properties.

Most cities, schools, neighborhoods, streets and public areas have also enjoyed dramatic reduction in violent crimes, burglaries, vehicle theft and kidnapping because of the presence of outdoor video surveillance security cameras.

Are Video Surveillance Cameras for Homes Really Efficient?

Over the years, home and business security monitoring systems have provided tremendous amount of information to the law enforcement and police department to apprehend criminal suspects.

Even home and business owners have been able to successfully made 911 calls that helped capture criminals burglarizing their houses while they watch real-time from remote locations.

Home Burglary Caught: For example, a home owner who installed wireless indoor IP security cameras with motion-activated features received an SMS alert notification when motion was detected in her apartment.

She remotely logged into her home surveillance system to view the live video stream real-time. What she saw was astonishing. Watch this video to really discover how effective an indoor security surveillance camera can be for the safety of your home.

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Police have used vast amount of home video surveillance camera recordings for assisted arrest of many crimes. Shop-owners regularly use wired and wireless surveillance systems to confirm shop-lifting, theft even before the culprit escapes from the store.

Even very celebrity like Lindsay Lohan is not exempted from being caught on surveillance camera for shoplifting. Surveillance camera systems have also helped capture a woman vandalizing expensive products in a store because of some really flimsy excuses.

Crime Detection Using Home Surveillance Systems

Crime clock statistics, 2009, from the police departments showed that somewhere in the USA, home burglary, theft and vandalism occurs every 5~15 seconds while violent crimes occur every 23 seconds!

This is a baffling statistics which can make anyone uneasy. To avoid becoming part of the statistics, it is important to use good home surveillance systems to watch your house, properties and business.

Detection is the most important reason people consider home video surveillance systems. It provides a tangible, irrefutable evidence of crime.

Why wait till crime is committed when you can catch the criminal in action? To ensure absolute safety of your home, consider home surveillance systems for crime detection and prevention.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.