Using Home Video Surveillance To Survive Home Invasion

Is there anything home, work, family, and properties have in common with safety, convenience, peace of mind and self-assurance? Surely, it is our limitless wish to have and do all of them at minimal cost.

The following article will show you why words cannot be enough to describe the importance of home video surveillance camera system in protecting your valuables and whatever is important to you.

Now, for a moment I would like for you to imagine a few scenarios. Imagine you do not have a home video surveillance security systems installed in your apartment.

Then, one nice day, you are driving back home with your family. It has been a long day in town and you are anxious to get home, get the kids to bed, and watch a late night show with your partner for few minutes before you finally retire to bed.

But, as you pull into your driveway you notice that the front of your house looks a little odd, and your outdoor trashcan seems to be knocked over. You can also see from afar that the front door looks almost black, rather than the white it is supposed to appear. Getting a little apprehensive, you tell your family to stay in the car while you go take a look.

Really Shocking Discovery…

On getting closer you notice that there is a glint of silver flashing on the walkway leading to your house, you hesitantly reach for it only to discover that it is one of those expensive jewelries belonging to your wife.

Musing under your breath, you wondered why you have not installed any outdoor home video security systems like everyone else in your neighborhood or an house alarm system at worst.

Your stomach sinks when you eventually see the front door smashed and broken from its hinges. Fear starting to grip in, you slowly turned around, looking quizzically at your family in the car as you realize:
You Have Been Robbed!

Hundreds of question now raging for answers in your mind: How did it happen? Who broke into your home? What have you lost? Perhaps, you wondered, the thieves are still in there.

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Then, you did the only thing everyone else would do next – dial 911.

To worsen the matter, the woman on the other end of the line asked you if you have home video security systems. You roll your eyes and struggled to get the words out of your tongue. “No!” you answered, almost screaming.

You stood still totally lost in thought for what seems like forever. Why have you delayed installing home video surveillance systems?

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A Rude Awakening to Reality

You imagine how great it would have been to have a motion activated indoor security camera to alert you when someone breaks and enters you home. Or perhaps, you could have taken advice to set up the best home alarm system you can afford. All too late, milk has been spilt!

It has now suddenly dawns on you that not only has someone burglarized your home, but you also have nothing you can offer the police for help in capturing those responsible for your loss.

By now, you are almost beating yourself up for not clicking on one of these ridiculously cheap home security video camera systems you have been seeing online on sales, discount, coupons and free shipping.

Regardless of how this situation ends up unless your home is well equipped with smart indoor and outdoor motion detection security cameras, there will be no way to detect this crime. Worse still, if you are murdered there will be no witnesses. No home surveillance video camera system that can serve as strong evidence against the unfortunate incidence.

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Simple Way Forward

 You see, there is so much joy, peace, convenience and confidence when you know that your home, family and valuable properties are well protected. This protection is as simple as installing home video surveillance camera that you can remotely monitor from anywhere 24/7.

There are low-cost home and business security solutions with internet-ready remote security cameras, outdoor wireless camera with night-vision ability, and network IP surveillance cameras that can connect through your smart phone to peek and check your home real-time.

Whether you are trying to protect your home, your business, or a number of other places, having security cameras is one of the only tried and true ways you can make sure that you have accurate information and evidence. You can even turn your home computer to a superb security system.

Maybe you are concerned about a partner with suspicious or dubious character, guests that are less than trustworthy, or a babysitter that you want to make sure is doing her job. Here is a checklist of five most effective ways home video surveillance security cameras can stop breaking and entering.

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It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.