5 Ways To Prevent House False Alarms

Now, what makes up house false alarms? Residential false alarm occur when your house alarms trigger and alert your local police department.

But on responding, the police finds no evidence of burglary, criminal offense or any attempted intrusion.

To avoid getting into preventable legal dispute with your local police department on your house alarm system, you are expected to take proactive measures.

House alarms users and home alarm companies must be responsible for proper installation, use and adequate maintenance of alarm systems.

Such well-meaning efforts will help make sure prompt police response when an emergency actually does occur sometimes in future.

There are 5 major causes of house false alarms. Arming yourself with the knowledge will help you to avoid heavy fines or having your house alarms deactivated for wasting limited police resources.

  1. Home alarm systems users’ errors.
  2. House alarm installation errors or alarm system service errors.
  3. Alarm equipment failures or weak alarm system batteries.
  4. Accidental trigger by wandering pets or children.
  5. Inadequate training of people allowed access to your security system (children, neighbors, cleaning people, real estate agents, guests, relatives, babysitters, service and delivery staff, etc.).
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How To Prevent Rampant Home Alarm Systems False Alarms

 Have your alarm system installed by a reputable home alarm security company to avoid installation errors and residential false alarms.

 If you install a DIY home alarm system, be sure to buy quality alarm equipment from a reputable alarm equipment supplier and adhere to installation instructions to avoid installation errors and house false alarms.

  1. Make sure everyone using the system is thoroughly trained. Each month, have each person practice turning the system on and off. Your domestic help, babysitter, and your young-adult children.
  2. If you use home alarm monitoring service, be sure to post the phone number of the alarm company’s central station near the telephone so you can quickly call and cancel an accidental alarm trigger.
  3. Test your system thoroughly each month. Alert your central monitoring station first and tell them of the testing so that they will not contact police if they receive a signal from your alarm panel.
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 After testing, call the station again to confirm they received your alarm’s signal. If you ever notice something is not working properly, get it fixed to avoid equipment failure which can lead to home alarm false alarm trigger.


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