How CPI Security Systems For Homes Work

by Wayne Setzer, (Hickory North Carolina)

CPI Security Systems For Home

My name is Wayne Setzer and I want to share with you story of my contract time with CPI Security. CPI is one of the better alarm system companies there is. They are on alert 24/7 and will always contact you and the police promptly if something happens.

My home security systems package when I had CPI security systems was simple but very effective. You had 24/7 monitoring of my property. If anything would happen like a burglary or a fire CPI home security would contact you and the proper authorities immediately.

We never had a problem with CPI alarm security until the prices of their protection plans got too expensive and we decided to switch. The installers that came out to the house were very nice and explained everything that we needed to know about the system very well. They were concise and to the point letting us know of any flaws that we could make to hurt the use of our system.

The entire house alarm installation lasted only about an hour and a half and it was short and simple. I live in Hickory North Carolina and the area of town that I live in isn’t the best one.

When I was gone to the beach with some friends fishing one year, my wife and kids were left at home. One night someone tried to break into our home. The system went off instantly. My wife was out of bed and in the kids room in no time with phone in hand. It took CPI security system around two minutes to call and check to see if everyone was alright.

Upon doing this CPI alarms then contacted our local police station letting them know that we were being burglarized. Once the cops were called CPI Security called my wife back and stayed on the phone with her until the police arrived at our house. CPI also contacted me to let me know what had happened and that everyone was alright.

We also have a funny story to go along with this residential security system. It wasn’t long after we had gotten it when it was set off for the first time. It was early spring and we had our windows slightly open as usual and I had just set our alarm for the night.

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It was around 9:00 PM. All of a sudden our alarm goes off and we don’t know whats going on because there was no sound of anyone trying to get in. well CPI home alarms called and I put my wife on the phone with them while I checked out the entire house.

I went in every room and nothing was out-of-place. I was curious as to why the alarm had went off so I walked into the bathroom and the small window we have in there that we never open was slightly cracked and sticking out from it was a squirrel.

Long story short not only can a burglar set your alarm off but so can a little tiny squirrel. CPI security is a great company to have as long as you don’t mind your rates going up. I would love to go back to CPI security systems eventually but the rates will have to go down first.


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