How My Frontpoint Alarm System Pointed Burglars Way Out

By Bob Decarto, (Groveland, FL)

I was sleeping sound in my bed one night right after setting the alarm as I always do. Better safe than sorry, I thought, as I head into bed and sleep without a worry in my mind that people might try to break into my house.

It seemed like such a cartoon-ques cliche to me, people dressed up in black, breaking into houses while people sleep and probably have the alarm on.

You’ll even be protected from this foul beast

Anyways, the alarm went off and I panicked for a split second before realizing that I was safe because of the alarm. The thieves got away and I received a call from the company immediately asking if everything was alright. It scared them off, and now they know not to come back to my home because I am always safe, always secure with my FrontPoint alarm system.

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