How Solid Is Bass Burglar Alarms Security System?

by Brad White
(Los Angeles)

Since it was built, our home didn’t had a security system at all. I didn’t mind it though, since we are living in nice neighborhood. But last summer all has changed.

Last summer I had a burglary in my family home while I was on a summer vacation with my wife and two kids. The burglars stole all jewelry, laptop and some money, ravaging the house and leaving it in total chaos.

We were utterly shocked! After this event children had huge difficulty sleeping. My wife became very anxious of being home alone with kids, and the whole situation was very frustrating
The wife wanted an alarm so I started my search.

After extensive online research I decided to get GEM-KIT120PAK Gemini P1632 Alarm System K, as I needed alarm system for enhancing my house security but at the first place to gain that lost feel of comfort at my own house. I found that wireless alarm system would be most practical solution since existing two-story, would be very difficult to wire.

I saw it on Bass Burglar Alarms Security System’s official website. I found it suitable for my house and it was in good cost range, so I gave it a try.

I liked the feeling of quality and design about the system. All components look very neat and this is crucial when something is so notable at your house. The whole product just looked sturdy and reliable.

I could install it my self, but I opted for a professional to get the system installed, just to be sure that I don’t mess something up. Installation took little less than 2 hours and an installer put it in for a very reasonable price, so I have nothing but the kind words and kudos to technical support and customer service guys.

 The interior siren have it all. It is sleek and loud, with decent Db output and I’m sure it would wake my neighbors up in the middle of the night. System managing is very easy via the control panel or the supplied keyfob remote controls.

The buttons on a control panel are large and easy to dial. Monochrome display is readable and it displays all info about program and system activities.

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I went through the manual and got familiar with controls almost instantly. Everything is explained step by step so it is hard to get confused with it. Now even my six years old son knows how to set the alarm.

It’s been over ten months now, everything is working and I am super pleased with it. I would recommend it to everyone looking for nice, compact alarm system for house, office or any other facility.

Security in your home is one of most important things in life. After installing this alarm system we can sleep at night and feel secure and comfortable in our home once again.

I have to point out once again that I am very satisfied with the choice I made with this whole alarm-installing thing.


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