How to be a Smart Spy with Your Hidden Spy Cameras

Technology can be a double-edged sword. While on the one hand, it presents us with gadgets that are meant to make our lives smoother and easier, the flip side is it also gives us many ways in which we can misuse it. And hidden spy cameras are one such two-way weapon.

Hidden spy cameras come in different shapes and sizes from the minute to the normal. Well, definitely whoever invented it wouldn’t have thought even in his wildest dreams that this gadget could cause so much trouble for the innocent and the unwary. Ya, they make the spies in the movies look pretty cool and makes for some awesome story lines. But what does one do when it falls into the hands of the perverts and the antisocial?

And these cameras are so readily available in the market and come at such cheaper prices, that anyone can afford to buy it. It can be installed anywhere from the phones, to wristwatches, neckties and belts to even pens and cigarette lighters. And do believe it; it has and will continue to make life hell for many an innocent human being. So, what are the common ways in which the hidden spy camera is being misused? Let’s throw some light into this issue.

The internet and the spy camera

Well lets’ examine this case to understand this issue better. Last May, a man in his 40s and who was identified as Kang was arrested and indicted for secretly filming women during an 8-year period. It was discovered that he had hidden a micro-camera inside a tiny hole in his shoe. Once the pictures and video clippings are taken, he would post these in the internet. When the incident came to light, a 34-year-old woman named Shin Soo-jeong remarked, “It’s scary. After I heard…. I am always wary of men around me on the subway when I wear a skirt.”

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If truth be told, the internet is flooded with such images where hidden spy cameras have been used to download and show compromising images and video footage of people. In Kang’s case, at least he was apprehended. But, there are so many others around who we know who indulge in these sorts of nefarious activities and still remain at large without anyone doubting them.

Whither privacy?

In an occurrence in a school in New Jersey, the high school custodian was nabbed. For what? He had apparently hidden eight small cameras in different parts of the school which he had used to secretly film the teachers as well as the students. Some of the cameras were found in rooms where students change their clothes and where hidden in smoke detectors and ventilation ducts! Martin, as the man was later identified to be, had a huge cache of such footage mainly of women and girls stored in his mobile phone.

Martin has been charged with invasion of privacy. What do you do? Is there anywhere that could be called as safe and secure?

Threats and blackmail

Do you know what is the latest technique to have your sweet revenge, if you have a grudge against anyone? Well, use a spy camera to shoot pictures of them in situations which they wouldn’t want the world to see, and threaten them with blackmail. Naturally, when you are ashamed at having fallen into the trap in the first place and embarrassed at the consequences, you would rather succumb to the blackmail than take police help to end it.

The life of many a teenage girl has become a living nightmare when people whom they have been intimate with would secretly shoot the footage and use for blackmailing later on.

Cameras in restrooms and changing rooms

Restrooms and changing rooms are easy targets for spy cameras. Technology is coming with such ingenious methods of hiding them that it’s well nigh impossible to detect them. A 43-year-old owner of a coffee-shop was indicted for using motion-sensor cameras in the restrooms for recording nearly thousands of people.

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No end to it

Psychologists comment that people, mostly men who indulge in these sorts of heinous crimes belong to ‘a type of sexual perversion’ in psychology. And since it is highly addictive, no amount of punishment would deter them from continuing with their activities. Hence, repetition of the offense is highly likely.

There is no way to protect yourself against the threat of the hidden eye other than being careful and alert to your surroundings.


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