Find out if your home electronics have hidden camera

In today’s society, private surveillance is a pretty common trait to encounter.

But, before you get absolutely paranoid, you first need to think of reasons why you would be a target for spying.

Here are some ideas to point you in the right direction:

1. You are rich, yet always a target of burglars,
2. You have a secretive/important/responsible job and you often attend confidential meetings,
3. You own your own business,
4. You are well-respected judge/journalist/attorney/police officer/politician/scientist/government official,
5. You are getting a divorce and/or your spouse/partner believes you are cheating,
6. You are a celebrity,
7. You are in some way related to terrorist-related crime(s) or you are related to someone who is,
8. You may be (are suspected to be) an activist,
9. You have a stalker, or
10. You do investigations about potential conspiracies.

How to know whether you are being watched?

If you fit one (or several) of the most common targets that we listed above or you believe there is a strong reason for doubt even if you are not in the up 10, the first thing to do is be on the lookout for proof that you are being watched and your private conversations are being listened to.

Even though it sounds unthinkable, but people around you and those you trust the most (your spouse, cousins, friends you trust, colleagues and neighbors) are usually people involved in the surveillance.

If they let something accidentally slip and you confront them, they will say they overheard you talking, that somebody told them or that they just guessed. Never pursue or argue the point further.

Even worse, if you see some of the information only to closest to you know appeared in the press, be positive that you are being followed. Also, if your home has recently been a target to a burglary yet nothing of value was stolen, it’s highly likely the burglary was done just to place surveillance device around. We’ll further discuss how to notice them.

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If you are a victim of a stalker, he will probably find ways to subtly let you know you are being followed, watched and/or listened to. Your knowing adds to the fear-factor and eventual snapping. So, hold it together.

How to Search For Spy Bugs

1. Walls or ceilings discoloration – Look out for any marks that seem to stand out from the rest of the surface. These marks are usually circular and may be a sign of a listening device and/or a micro-camera. Any bumps or similar signs of disturbance are also good indicators of surveillance being placed there.

2. Mirrors – Mirrors are often a good place for spy bugs. To discover them, wait until dark then use your flashlight to shine a strong light at mirrors. The key is to move the light methodically and carefully over the mirror’s surface. If there was any bugging device hidden there, it will be revealed.

3. Furniture – Use a strong flashlight and your hands to vigilantly look at every piece of furniture in your home. Flip the furniture upside down and run your fingers along out-of-sight edges. Ornaments, pillows, pictures and other interior accessorize are a common place to hide spy bugs.

4. Door knobs – Check if all knobs feel the same like they used to. If one (or some of them) are loose or way too tight for no reason, and you know they’ve been perfectly fine up to couple of hours/days ago, there’s a chance it may have been tampered with.

5. Gadgets and appliances – Once the city’s noise has subsided and you are alone in the house turn off all gadgets and appliances to cut the buzzing. Then walk around the house and listen for any unusual noise resembling bleeping and soft buzzing. Follow the source of the noise. It’s probably something benign but it doesn’t hurt to be careful, right?

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6. Wall sockets and switch plates – Start by looking at them and see if you notice anything different about them, like the alignment being moved a little. Once you try to move them, if they feel like they’ve been recently disturbed there’s probably some sort of bug installation there. These are by far favorite place for bug installation.

7. Random objects – Don’t forget to check for spy bugs in less conspicuous items around the house such as DVD cases, eyeglasses, purses, lava lamps, air filter equipment and similar.


Damian Wolf has been an author and security specialist at JD Security monitoring from Sydney. He loves to write about home and business security, green business and marketing. When he isn't working, Damian loves to barbecue with friends and travel with family.

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