How To Prevent Fire Accidents and Home Burglary Attacks

For any burglar alarm monitoring system to work flawlessly, their call center has to be effective 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You sure don’t want them asleep at the wheel. Else, imagine a fire in the house and your family is unconscious. Who’s going to call 911 and the fire department.

I’ve never met a dog or cat that could call 911, not yet anyway. Video monitoring, fire, panic switches and a great burglar alarm keeps you and your family safe all the time. Burglars drive up and down streets trying to find an easy mark. They want to pick the house that has the easiest entrance and one where the house usually looks vacant at the same time during the day or night.

Leave security lights on when you’re not home. My house alarm system is with ADT Security. The system is excellent. The installer did a fantastic job. He installed the control panel boxes by the main door and in the master bedroom for easy access. The siren usually goes in the attic. I can monitor my house and pool with the video system and see what’s going on even when I’m not there through the use of my laptop or Smartphone using wired or wireless internet connection. It’s amazing to watch the dog go from room to room with no one home.

How We Prevent Fire Accidents

I installed fire and smoke detectors in my home to prevent fire accidents and home burglary attacks. I’m terrified of fire. Fire can happen anytime and anywhere. You will never be ready for it. Always have an escape plan ready. Your house should always have a number on it, the bigger the better. The fire department needs to see the number on the house from the street. There is only one other way to spot your house. The flames have to be shooting out your roof and windows. Trust me, the fire department will know where to go at that point. You, however, might not be living at that point.

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Time is of the essence in a fire and smoke situation. Smoke detectors. I can’t say enough about these useful device. You should have one in every room but you should have one on every floor and hooked up into your security/fire system. These are on 24 hours a day 7 days a week monitoring your house for fire and smoke. The battery operated ones are good to have too. You should have those as well but you have to remember to change the batteries and how many of us remember that. The smoke alarms that are hooked up with the alarm system are the best.

The law now is that you should have a smoke detector in every bedroom and on every floor. I couldn’t agree more. They save lives. The more in the house, the better. They can wake up the dead. They are extremely loud. You should also have carbon monoxide detectors in your home as well as fire extinguishers. I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen. It’s small and most hardware stores do sell them. They’re not that expensive and someday, they might save your life. You should always have escape plans with your family. Don’t feel foolish doing this. It’s very important, especially if you have kids.

Children panic. If they have a plan that they have to remember, it will save their life and yours. People don’t die from fire. They die from smoke inhalation. Practice! Practice! Practice.

Designate a meeting spot outside the home to meet. Most people die when someone is left inside the house and you run back into the house to save them. You die with them. Your escape plans should have at least two ways out of the house. If the bedrooms are on the second floor, have a throw out ladder that you can use for an emergency.

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There is a monthly monitoring fee but that is always money well spent on your safety. So, go ahead, make my day. Get yourself a fire and home security system and sleep well.


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