How To Secure Yourself In An Unsafe Neighborhood

By Daphne, (Beverly Hills CA) – You need to know how to secure yourself in an unsafe neighborhood where everyone must take active step to self-secure their homes. We had a home burglary alarm system but we were not satisfied.

We switched about a month ago from this local alarm monitoring company to ADT alarm security company because we felt we weren’t getting the service we were paying for.

I kept seeing the patrol guy sleeping in his car a few blocks away and when he did drive down my street he actually waved to the neighbors who don’t pay for service and ignored me who has paid for 10 years.

ADT Security company came out and looked over the system we had. We had used a wireless remote system with glass breaking sensors and it is also hooked up to smoke alarms.

The city where I live just instituted a $250 fee for false alarms so we wanted to make sure that we went with a good company. The guy spent a long time going around the house making suggestions. I was pleased that he didn’t try to hard sell us on things we didn’t need. He was incredibly nice and knew our neighborhood inside and out. He said that a lot of the system was in good shape. He also made recommendations of what to change to make things safer.

We added a bunch of sensors and decided to go with the Safewatch Video View. we had used a video surveillance system to basically keep an eye on our dogs while we were away for the day but it didn’t look at the outside of the house so we thought this would be a good upgrade. We loved the idea of being able to watch the house remotely.

The price was quoted and it was good. It took two visits to get everything up and running and the installers were great. They even threw in one sensor that we didn’t realize wasn’t working.

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The day before the installation there were police handing out flyers at the corner near my house that were notifying residents of an increase in property crimes. Most had broken into cars and stealing tools from job sites in the neighborhood. There were a few crimes in people’s yards and only one real home break in.

The day after the install we were having a great time checking on the house remotely. It was fun and we love having a clear picture of the yard as well as the inside. we used to joke the dogs had parties while we were out for the day and sad to say, all they do is sleep.

I was at work one day and we got a call that there was an alarm at our house. I looked at the surveillance cameras right away and saw a guy walking away from my house down the driveway. It was chilling!

ADT Security company called within a minute of the alarm going off and had already sent the police over. The burglar unfortunately got away and he was one of the construction workers across the street at a job site. This man had gone into my backyard and smashed a pane-less french door with a memorial stone we had in the back for a dog who had died. The glass breaker alarm went off and he ran like heck.

Unfortunately the police didn’t catch him but I was able to describe to them from the footage of the surveillance camera. The house alarm system did a fantastic job and we feel so much safer now.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.