How to Tell if a House Has Hidden Cameras

In the past few years it is always easy to tell if a house has hidden cameras because of its obvious larger size as compared to the camera designs that we have these days. At present, spy cameras are now becoming more invisible than usual.

If you are new to the surveillance field or you are planning to purchase a kind of hidden camera to install in your home you should also be quick in detecting whether a house has a hidden camera or not.

Spy Cameras and Lenses – Exploring the Basics

It is always best to get more acquainted with the two types of surveillance cameras that you can use for greater security in your home, office or any other business establishment.

These are the wired cameras and the wireless ones. The wireless system comes with a transmitter to send video signals to recipients. The system transmits data ranging from 1000 up to 2500 feet.

On the other hand, wire camera systems have video cables running from the camera to such viewing and recording devices as the monitor, VCR and DVR.

Both the wireless and the wired camera employs two types of lenses. These are the varifocal lens and the fixed focal length.

The varifocal lens is great for zooming images in and out as this type of lens comes with the auto iris feature. Fixed focal length lenses cannot be zoomed.

These are very ideal for low light solutions as it permits more light in passing through the leans in any particular focal length.

CMOS and Board Cameras for Wireless Surveillance Systems

Spotting hidden cameras within the house can be somewhat easy if you fully understand the nature of spy cameras being used these days for various surveillance purposes.

Board cameras are more popular since they are easy and convenient to appear somewhat invisible due to their pretty tiny sizes. Board cameras are contained in singly in single circuit boards that include camera optics and all other necessary things for video signal generation.

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The video signals are sent to its receiver either for immediate viewing or recording for later viewing.

Technological innovation has paved the way for the use of the CMOS cameras. These type of cameras are the ones you can usually see from smartphones and other featured new gadgets coming out of the market each month.

The main keyword for the CMOS camera is its portability and being handy so you can take it anywhere without being totally noticed that you are performing surveillance within the area.

CMOS cameras are not so sensitive to any distortion. However under low light conditions, image quality appears poor as they are not light sensitive.

The CMOS cameras are usually found in such hidden surveillance cameras as the wall clock and alarm clock hidden cameras.

These cameras can be installed in any part of your house especially in small things are not quiet exposed or easily seen at a glance.

Keep on looking for small holes in the ceiling, floor, wall corners and other parts of the room or of the entire house where a spy camera may likely to be placed.

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