How We Started Using CPI Home Alarm Monitoring Service

by Lisa

Talk of being home alone during the holidays….This happened to me last holiday. I did not want to accompany my parents to upcountry.

We live in states ourselves but the extended family lives in the village somewhere in Africa. Maybe a brief description of how the village looks like will make you understand the reason I did not want to accompany them.

Our village is made of a village king, whom for every visit you make to the village you must pay your homage. If the king likes you, he is entitled to take you as his second wife. If you don’t believe me, then my sister cousin would be in a better position to attest this factual statement.

After paying your homage, there is a village seer, whom it it mandatory you visit so that he can read your stars and give you charms that are supposedly meant to protect you.

Seriously we are now living in a civilized era and such things such as witchcraft do not exist. That ritual was one of the reasons i preferred staying at home all by myself.

Reason number two, would definitely be my grandmother. Being 78, my granny is simply the one. She cries at the smallest of reasons. She complains a lot and this really gets to me. Then we have my dad who changes to a totally village man when we go there.

He dresses funnily. Leaving his tummy out. He does not speak while we in the village. To show he is the man of the house, he will cough. And when he does so you are supposed to go and see what he wants. I guess he does this to prove to his village peers that he is still one of them.

He will spend the day at the local bar. And when he arrives he kicks anything on his way. There is a time he kicked my cat so bad that it vomited.

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Jeez…weighing this human inflicted torture, i decided to stay at home. I am a bit afraid of the dark but this did not seem to bother me.

It was 23rd Dec and the family was leaving. That night, there was no drama or anything. I enjoyed every bit of my alone time. I had so many movies to watch and I subsequently slept on my potato couch.

The second night was here. But things on this night were a bit different. The night was abnormally quiet, the dogs were barking continuously and the family goat was no exception.

This unrest prompted me to check outside and see what was going on. I could not believe my eyes! It was Mr.Smith. He is my father’s foe. They compete in almost everything and in the latest competition, my dad had got himself promoted. Smith on the other hand was made to stay at his sales marketing job.

He was outside and with him he had a gallon of petrol. I guess he wanted to commit an arson attack. I could not help but shiver. I ran took up my cell phone and called the police.

They found him on the act and he was arrested. This freaked me out. The following morning, I called my mum because like I told you, while in the village Dad does not talk carelessly.

Mum was scared as well but she managed to tell me about the CPI alarm security. She asked me to call the company and request for an installation.

Previously Mit was the family pet and also the family security. CPI alarm security is the bomb.

They responded pretty quickly and there package is simply the one to die for and there prices are also pocket friendly.

After having the installed security system, I was now okay spending the rest of the time home alone. I feel so secure because I know I am protected.

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Thanks CPI alarm security


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