How to install surveillance cameras outside of the home

The surveillance cameras are closely knitted into the fabric of modern security. Initially, limited to the use in offices and commercial centers, the CCTV cameras have become the essential part of home security as well in the present era.

The objective behind installing the camera is to keep guard of the corners and areas that are not viewable otherwise. These are also fixed to monitor the children’s activity in your absence or identify any trespassing when you are not home. The scenario which requires you to watch the premises at night will need the mounting of surveillance camera outside of the home. This is the guide on how to install surveillance cameras outside of the home.

Choose the device and the location

The first step is to choose the model and manufacturer of the camera. The outside cameras have an added purpose of visual deterrence, so, these must be identifiable to keep the burglars away. There are different types of devices available in the market.

You must make the selection on the basis of aesthetics, deterrence, weather resistance and budget.

After doing this, look around for the best spots to mount the cameras on the walls. The places that have better vision, cover maximum and significant area, are not easily accessible and can also provide shelter from weather inclement are the best.

Camera components and their location

The complete system consists of a camera that is installed outside, a DVR that is used to record the surveillance and a monitor which displays the live images and recordings. These components are interconnected with the help of power cables and wires. The wireless cameras do not require physical wiring between DVR and the camera.

Installation process for the outdoor camera

  • Wiring: The holes must be drilled on the place where the camera is to be mounted. In the next step, you must drill holes in the walls to pass the cables outside of the room where the monitor and a DVR is placed. The wiring running along the walls and ceilings must be secured in the plastic channels to avoid water penetration. Take some time out to plan your wiring and then execute it.
  • Install the camera: In the drilled holes, you must screw the camera according to the manufacturer’s guideline. Strictly follow the instructions to avoid any damage. The simple outdoor cameras like bullet cameras do not require much of a physical effort, but the careful drilling and affixing is involved.
  • Set the components: In the room where the video must be displayed, set up the DVR and monitor together. The monitor can be the computer or a television. Place them near to the power socket and at a place where the cables from the camera can easily reach to the DVR.
  • Set the power connection: The next step must be performed with all the required safety precautions. Set the power connection of camera, DVR and monitor. Insert the RC59 cable in the output port on the camera and connect it to DVR on the other end. Set up the connection between the monitor and DVR. If it is done properly, your camera is all prepared to be used.
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Configuring the system

Using the manufacturer’s manual and with the help of DVD provided with the camera, configures the software on your system. It does not involve any complex procedures and is pretty simple. Follow the instructions that are displayed on your monitor and you will finish the task in 5 minutes.

Once these steps are completed, your outdoor camera is ready for surveillance.  Enjoy enhanced security around your premises and keep the unwanted trouble away without spending money on the installation.

Daniel Robert

Daniel Robert has been working as the head security analyst in the San Francisco for last 15 years. He has demonstrated some exemplary projects in locksmith services in San Francisco. Having a knack for technology and a keen eye towards innovative surveillance systems, his analysis and tips for the installation of security cameras and digital locks is proven by experience. He also runs a 24/7 emergency locksmith service in the area.

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