Unusual Things Wireless IP Security Camera Can Do For You

It is not uncommon today to see wireless IP security camera in homes, stores, diners, restaurants, banks, buses, taxis and even pet houses. These remote surveillance cameras are ultra-effective in providing real-time monitoring and helping you to be-in-the-know of activities around places that matter to you.

The fundamental technology enabling wireless camera is not new. It is the same technology used in transmitting data over the internet in form of emails, and voice over the internet in Skype application.

Now, here’s the part I like most about wired or wireless IP PTZ security camera systems. With wireless IP video surveillance cameras, you don’t have to burden yourself with some annoyingly dirty cat5 cables, no additional cable purchase, no hole drills, and no opening of roof, no nailing, plastering or concerns about “what would my landlord say?”

Wait, that’s not all, there’s more you need to know… IP wireless security system are capable of providing real-time monitoring of your home and your business. Now, remember how you use your webcam?

That’s exactly how IP security cameras. Although internet webcams need to be connected to the computer through an internet cat5 cable, IP surveillance cameras on the other hand send back signal through a wireless connection in your home’s network or that of your store… immediately… and that’s why it is called “real-time”.

Imagine this, a plumber needs to work in your kitchen and you can’t leave your office to show him what’s wrong and what he needs to fix.

wireless ip security camera

You can simply connect to your surveillance system you have set up in your home, and assuming you have an IP security camera equipment in your kitchen (to catch someone steal from your refrigerator), then you remotely pan, tilt and zoom to show the plumber what he’s got to fix (probably) while talking to him over the phone.

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IP security camera gives you greater flexibility and many options when it comes down to how to installation of your video surveillance equipment.

For example, wireless IP surveillance cameras are now gaining wide acceptance as a standalone wireless home security camera that can be monitored real-time over the internet. This is contrary to the conventional way of setting up video security and surveillance systems.

As a matter of fact, wireless IP security cameras are currently perceived as a precursor of future networked video surveillance system. Read more about future digital video surveillance solutions »

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Titbits on IP Security Camera: You can hook your camera to your computer and monitor it from there. That will give you remote access even when you are not at home. Now you can visit grandma and be reasonably certain that if anyone tries to break in, you will see them and call the authorities in time.

Some of the more modern IP PTZ cameras have motion detection so it can sense any movement in the area and alert you in time. If you want reliable internet-enabled surveillance camera for your home, then wireless IP security camera is the way to go…. Small, compact but highly efficient and convenient.

For example this Network Video Recorder with IP PTZ Camera is totally cool because no matter where you are and no matter what time of the day it is, you will be able to log in and use the cameras. All you need to have is a direct access to the Internet and a stable internet broadband connection.

Do you have a wired or wireless IP camera in your home, store, diner, office or outdoor of your residence? Nice! We like to read your experiences and thoughts, share with us, drop us a comment below.

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