Lock those loiterers and litterers out of your premises

People can be so utterly careless when it comes to properties that belong to others. What is ours, we protect with utmost care; what is others’, we are way too casual about its maintenance. So, what do you do to ensure that your property stays safe from loitering and littering?

That’s one question that we would love to get the answer to. Especially so, if you have been forced to pick after others, after they have literally manhandled your property. Well, let’s try for some sure-fire ways to ensure that people would learn to respect what belongs to you, without your having to shell out astronomical sums to protect your assets.

Hit the jackpot with surveillance signs

Imagine the convenience, you just put up a few signs or posters or even stickers that would tell the would-be loiterer that your property is under CCTV surveillance. After all, what would it take to get a few stickers or signs made? And posters can be made by you. You only have to make sure that the message is conveyed precisely to deter anyone from making free use of your property.

It’s common knowledge that even the hardcore one would hesitate when he sees the surveillance signs. So naturally, it would act as an effective weapon against the casual loiterer. Signs that say “Property under CCTV Surveillance”, “You are being watched, so keep away”, “Stepping over this limit would be hazardous for your freedom” can help you in keeping the unwanted entrant away from what’s yours.

The biggest advantage here is of course the financial angle – it would hardly cost much to get stickers and signs made. But protecting them against the elements would be an issue as they would get damaged pretty easily when exposed to the vagaries of nature.

Fool them with fakes

Why not combine the signs and posters with fake surveillance cameras? The market is flooded with models of surveillance equipment that would beat even the original in appearance. Place them at strategic places in your property, post a few signs and posters warning the public of the presence of CCTV surveillance and just sit back and watch the magic working.

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When you buy these fakes, make sure that they resemble the original closely so that you don’t get caught in your lie. Imagine the embarrassment of having to account for your ‘surveillance equipment’! But really, this idea could work quiet effectively if you take a little care.

Spend a little more and go for the real

Just shop around a bit and you would come across enough cheap surveillance systems to suit your purpose. And some of these cameras would give you top quality performance as well as being light on your pocket. After all, the really serious loiterer and litterer would stop at nothing to enjoy themselves. And if you find your property under siege, the video security cams could help you in identifying the culprit(s).

As far as the law enforcement is concerned, loitering and littering as crimes is way down their list of priorities. So even if you complain, the issue wouldn’t merit much of a reaction from their part. But, if your complaints are accompanied by serious evidences from your CCTV surveillance signs, they cannot but take actions against the miscreants.

The other side is since they are placed outside, they would need to be constantly checked and repaired to ensure peak performance. If you are sloppy about that, then you may have a problem at your hands.

No one would dare with the dogs

Why not try the security guard dogs? To risk loitering and littering when you know that you could be detected even from a distance wouldn’t let you dare. The snarling fangs and vicious barks can be a powerful show-stopper, you know.

But the problem would be taking care of them. If you are not interested in doing it personally, you will have to use someone to take care of the dogs. So, this would be the least cost-effective of the options.

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Return to the signs

Yes, of all these, the “NO Loitering and Littering” signs would be the cheapest option as most people wouldn’t bother to cross the threshold of a property where signs have been posted to warn them against loitering and littering.

So spare some time to choose what’s best for you.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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