Lynx Ademco Alarm Systems In My Home

by Polly

Honeywell Ademco Alarm Security Systems

If you are looking for a security system that is effective and reliable, then Ademco Alarm Security System is the answer.

Ademco alarm systems are superb quality, much more so now that the company has been taken over by Honeywell, their range of products have been fantastic.

When I started looking out for a security system, I was met by so many options and I knew that the only reasonable thing for me to do was to start filtering them out to choose the best of the best.

I embarked on conducting interviews and requesting for simulations from these companies.

One particular company I will never forget was alarm company X. I would prefer to call it X because if they ever sued me for defamation I would rot in prison because I would not have the money to bail myself out.

It was on a Saturday and I had requested this alarm company to come over my place and show how their system would work. I am a time freak and I love people who keep time. But the people from this alarm company arrived late. and as such I was really upset but nonetheless I allowed them to do their thing.

It was at this time that I noticed a lot of unprofessionalism. One of the workers was really touchy and this upset me badly. He would touch my hand at every moment that he got. although when I raised this, he backed off.

I was already getting really fed up. and all I was hoping was that they finish what they were doing and just leave my house.

The guy who was demonstrating suddenly went into a seizure. This was the icing on the cake for me. I called am emergency service and they took care of him.

I was made to understand that the guy was sick and that he had requested for time out but his employers thought he was faking it.

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How then would I hire a company that does not look after their employees? A company that does not train their employees on proper working etiquette?

And when I raised this with the main office, they had the guts to tell me to back off since I wasn’t their client in the first place!!!

Why would they want to burn the bridges with me. They didn’t seem to understand the power of the tongue, because I would never refer anybody to them. Not even in a million years.

So I decided to go back to the searching field and I decided to give Ademco alarm systems a try. It was a Do It Yourself system but I wanted an alarm system that can be monitored by dedicated company.

I first saw Ademco Alarm systems in my friend’s house and I loved the simplicity and functionalities. I went for one of the alarm monitoring companies using Ademco alarm systems to monitor my home.

The alarm monitoring company staff came on the agreed time. They did exude a lot of professionalism. They did their installation quickly.

Showed me how to use the system and on top of it all, the volunteered to check on me every weekend for the first month just to see I am ok!!!

I felt really special. They catered to my needs and offered extra services at no hidden costs whatsoever. I really am observant on how a company will treat me when I approach them for a service or a product I need.

I love my Lynx Ademco alarm systems. The product is very easy to maintain and use. And at the alarm monitoring company, they surpassed my expectations and I would recommend them to any person. Anytime, any day.


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