MOBOTIX Cameras & TOTUS Lighting – Marriage of Two Security Giants

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Gracious goodness, this week, I read an interesting press release that MOBOTIX, one of the leading manufacturers of high-resolution IP video surveillance solutions, has teamed up with TOTUS, another manufacturer of outdoor lighting security systems to manufacture new ground breaking security products.

MOBOTIX video security camera systems are well-known in the security industry for producing big bang for the money. Their IP solutions allow you to view surveillance cameras in your home or office real-time from any location, anytime and anywhere there is internet connection.

TOTUS however is well-known for manufacturing energy-saving, long-lasting, maintenance-free outdoor security lights that last for about 100,000 hours, that’s a little shy of 12 years! The TOTUS LED street light for example are loaded with smart sensors, video cameras and great analytic that can give you great intelligence about the security of your home.


What MOBOTIX Camera – TOTUS Joint Force Means For You

When the Mobotix IP cameras detects an event using the built-in motion detection, the LED light flashes and the security cameras start recording video images.

The system also sends an automatic instant email alert notification along with a video clip to your mobile device. To cut bandwidth load, the system performs all processing on the high performance camera before transmitting over the secure wireless network.

Since the camera performs all pre-processing, you may be worried about heavy energy consumption right? That’s where TOTUS superior energy-saving LED lighting technology that has been optimized for video surveillance comes in….

From my observation, these are three of the many advantages of the MOBOTIX camera + TOTUS Lighting solution:

Superior Technology & Smart Intelligence

Integration of super-bright LED lighting, advanced mega-pixel IP surveillance cameras and secure wireless communications into a single all-in-one solution is simply unbeatable. This means you can wave goodbye to low quality, grainy video recording especially at night or in low lit areas.

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Your recorded images will be crisp, clear and bright. There’s no denying that it will put an end to dark images inability to see faces in recorded feeds.


Mobotix-IP-Camera mobotix-video-cameras


You Not Only Have Evidence – You Can Also Stop Crime

Your passive record-and-watch-only video security systems can now come alive and transform into an active crime deterrent solution that can help you stop crime instead of just watching it happen or after it has happened.

This is a good news especially business and commercial centers with large parking lots, parks and walkways where crime are often perpetrated at night. I wrote about how much problems low quality video create for police and why bad videos are pretty useless for the police.

Your neighborhoods will also benefit from these new technology integration because we will begin to see new type of street lights, lamp and lanterns that can alert authority when vandals and petty criminals terrorize your neighborhood or your school properties.

For example, some video surveillance cameras captured some vandals spray-painting buildings, cars, sidewalks and painting graffiti on walls at Crafton, Pittsburgh not too long ago. These miscreants aren’t caught yet. I’d expect that with the MOBOTIX/TOTUS systems, police will be able to easily nab them in the act in no time.

Your Outdoor Has Never Been So Clear and Vivid

MOBOTIX remotely video cameras will bring amazing high-definition and high-resolution videos you can watch on your mobile devices and computers.

Hi resolution images using the 3.1 megapixel sensor are vivid and offer 30 times more accurate details than most commercial cameras. Imagine a camera with power zoom that can read plate numbers and cloth labels hundred meters away.

Not only that, you can capture about 360 degree view of your outdoor with a single camera. Meaning 1 single MOBOTIX video security camera can effectively replace 4 conventional security cameras. MOBOTIX IP security cameras are compact and features impressive weatherproof design.

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A single Mobotix camera can replace 4 regular cameras

When mounted on the ceiling, the MOBOTIX video camera is capable of providing a complete 360-degree all-round view and when mounted on the wall, it provides a 180-degree panoramic view. An integrated Micro SD/SD card provides up to 80 hours of continuous recording with audio.

The IP security cameras also feature a professional video management system with event search, image processing, lens distortion correction, PTZ support and more, at no cost.

Now, if this camera is mounted on an outdoor security light, you bet the resulting images will be second to none. On top of that, TOTUS lighting can save you a minimum of 50% on your electricity bill and can offer about 100,000 hours (about 11 years) of lighting!


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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