Does Monitronics Alarms Security Satisfy Customers’ Expectations?

More than 700,000 homes and commercial enterprises are now protected by Monitronics International.

However, in the last few years, customers complaints have increased on the home alarm systems Monitronics offer. From poor services, contract negotiation to persistent price hikes. So, is Monitronics alarms still good enough to protect your home?

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Why Every Homes Need Security Monitoring Systems

You have a beautiful home and you have spent so much to make it perfect. Everyone who visits your home loves it too. In fact, you can actually see little green devils of jealousy capering about in the eyes of your visitors and those nasty little fork tails lashing about behind in anger as they see your beautiful new home.

They covet everything about your home and frankly, it makes you happy. But, if that is the reaction in an invited visitor, what is going to happen when a professional thief sees your home?

If you want your beautiful new home to stay protected and your family to be safe; you need to have the best residential alarm security systems to protect your home. Of course, there is a very good possibility that you stay in a classy neighborhood.

Then you may not need Monitronics alarms or any of these home security companies for your home because you are in safe environment with good hardworking people. Well, that excuse is not going to work at all. We live in a difficult time with the bad economy and flaring inflation rates.

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Worried people who are hovering just about the poverty line could be in desperate need of essential goods and they will not think twice about taking it from some who seems to have everything.

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It is not their fault… but, you have to protect yourself. Moreover, professional thieves love classy neighborhoods and lovely houses with pretty expensive things in them.

Unless you like unexpected nasty visitors who will quickly cart away every piece of your home, you better get the best home protection installed as soon as you can.

Installing the very best in home protection devices with a wireless alarm monitoring system backed up with a cellular alarm monitoring could be the very first step in ensuring your safety.

Why Monitronics Alarms Security Systems Rock!

Monitronics rose quickly to become one of the market leaders of house alarm systems across the United States.

Monitronics International’s key differentiators are professionalism, flexibility, reliability, enhanced customer service, and customers’ responsiveness. All Monitronics dealers also receive rigorous training in best practices and customer supports.

Monitronics alarms company is well-known in Dallas and it was awarded the 2008, 2010 and 2011 best home alarm monitoring systems in the North America which is a really difficult feat to carry out. Customers have been frank in saying that the company is quick to respond to problems and they have the most rapid response time of 23 seconds in the entire industry.

Along with their excellent wireless home alarm systems, the company provides top of the line emergency response agents, fire alarm monitoring, environmental sensors, two-way voice programs and two backup power generators for their command center to ensure prompt and 24-7 remote surveillance for their customers.

Customer Complaints: Why Monitronics Alarms Suck!

Problems can arise with every company.For example, consumers have complained about the customer service with the most frequent complaints being about the company not disconnecting the service when they are requested to do so.

A few consumers have also complained about persistent tele-callers and marketers from the company who try to push their alarm security systems. The company has been vocal about this problem saying that they do not hire tele-callers and they do not ask for potential customers.

America’s Best 10 Home Security Alarm Monitoring Companies

Monitronics International Security Systems Packages

Monitronics International does not manufacture own alarm security products. Most home security system dealers install alarm panels from one of the top 3 security equipment manufacturers.

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Alarm manufacturers like Honeywell Ademco, GE Security and DSC Security produce wireless burglar alarm systems that dealers can then offer alarm monitoring services through Monitronics alarms.

The home security alarm monitoring company offers tailor-made packages for small families, single parent families, seniors and for commercial locations as well. You will have to get in touch with the customer service center or their online contact form to get a correct quote.

If you buy your package directly online, then you do get a substantial discount. The company also ties up with dealers to increase their customer base. Monitronics alarms security company is an excellent choice but you will find negative as well as positive reviews about the company online.

Remember, that it is not possible to satisfy every customer. Read all the reviews and customer opinions online but make sure you choose a company you like and which suits your needs.

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