Motorola Video Monitor Captures Baby Breaking Out

by Amber V
(Mount Pleasant, Michigan)

Our Lovely Motorola Baby Video Monitor!

I looked over to our video baby monitor, and in some crazy turn of events, our daughter had unlocked the gate to her crib and was climbing down.

It was a cold winter night and my husband and I had just tucked our four children into bed. Our youngest, Hannah, was located in the study connected to our room, just on the other side of our glass French doors. She was just a baby, but had been crawling and trying to stand on her own for some time.

As we heard a slight squeaking, my husband and I both woke up. I looked over to our colored video baby monitor, and in some crazy turn of events, our daughter had unlocked the gate to her crib and was climbing down…

If that wasn’t bad enough as it is, she had her feet firmly planted on the ground and was walking – not crawling, but walking – toward us when we rushed into the next room to get her.

Thanks to our impressive Motorola video baby monitor, my husband and I got to witness our daughter’s first steps. Not only that, but if we had not been there, she could have gotten into more mischief or severely hurt herself.

If we were to use a normal sound monitor instead, we would never have known anything was wrong since the only sound to be heard was the creaking of the crib, rather than any other noises to show she was out of bed. Overall, it was a great buy and I am thankful for the security it has given us.

Personally, we loved our Motorola digital colored video baby monitor. Some great features were the portable LCD screen and amazing sound quality. The sharp sound quality and the crystal clear picture made it easy to spy on our baby and see what she was doing, while giving her a little independence and giving us a little break.

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Also, I liked how the monitor was completely easy to set up. Normally, we would have had to have a tech guy come out to set it up, but we were able to do this one on our own. I also liked how the small camera bulb was easily concealed and not an eyesore in our beautiful, pink nursery.

Finally, I love how the overall device was compact, portable, and affordable. When Hannah gets a little older, we won’t have a need for the device, so affordability is probably the greatest feature it has. If I had one complaint, though, it would be that the LCD screen isn’t big enough and that the camera has trouble picking up images in the dark because I had the 2.8 inches screen.

The new Motorola digital video baby monitor features Colored 3.5 inches LCD Screen. It’s absolutely superb, a great deal, If I could buy this item again, I would!


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