My baby and his Amazing friend

by Joanna, (Leeds,Yorkshire, England)

Colored Baby Video Monitors

We had had the baby video monitor for about two weeks and we found it fantastic. There was almost endless fun to be had listening to Dora’s little songs…

I was sitting with my husband and his mother-in-law in the front room. She is a nice woman but is sometimes prone to getting very bossy with my husband, who is well used to taking it on the chin and (usually) not making too much of a fuss. We had the baby video monitor for about two weeks and we found it fantastic.

There was almost endless fun to be had listening to Dora’s little songs she made up when on her own, or the little stories she told us in her sleep.

My husband had already dubbed the camera “little brother” because of the constant watch it took on our little one and it seemed like a very benevolent little thing that was an extension of our love.

It had already come in very useful a couple of times when Sam had got very upset in there and we had managed to nip it in the bud and try to help him out and calm him down before she got into full-blown little Napoleon mode.

There was almost no stopping him then without the combined arms of europe, when he got his little tantrums going. We thought the baby video camera was so very useful and couldn’t imagine when we had lived without it.

We were sleeping, he was sleeping better too and it really seemed like a case of technology being beneficial to our lives and not a hindrance. So we took it round to all our friends houses for their kids and they loved it too, and almost all of them have bought one now. Baby video monitors on SALES and Free shipping!

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We really eulogized about it to everyone we knew and before long we even ditched the TV in favour it, it was so amusing to watch!

It made us realise how fascinating our daughter is, and as she grows up and becomes more even more interesting we can’t wait to watch her little tics tantrums and idiosyncrasies in the little camera that watches over her.

We chose the Safety1st prism color video baby monitor and it is an absolute joy to use. The night vision is clear and useful and the picture quality itself is great which I guess is probably down to the digital nature of the product.

The battery life is more than good enough and the thing is sleek and neat, it matches the best in new technology in terms of the look of the thing. We took a long time deciding on which to buy but after consulting reviews we went for that one and it really didn’t disappointing. There has been absolutely no regret about the purchase and we think we probably went for one of the better ones out there in that price range.

So we were sitting with our mother-in-law and watching the baby on the monitor, with my husband making only cursory glances at his football game, which is rare for him, especially when Leeds are playing against Bristol, which is kind of big deal around here apparently, though I wouldn’t know a thing about it really.

My mother was fascinated by our son, who she doesn’t get to see very often as she comes a fair way from Huddersfield to visit us. My son was playing with his tiger toys which we bought for him and all of a sudden he took his toys from the other side of his cot and started to play with them. Some of which were big plastic fruits that he got for christmas, and he started to pretend to cook them and chop them with his hand.

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Finally, (after I guess he had made what he thought was a mighty tasty meal) he started to put them on a plate. We thought he had finished then but then he got a second plate and started to put more food on them. We waited to hear him shout mummy as he usually did when he wanted to play for two, but instead he put the second plate in front of him and started trying to talk as if there was someone in front of him.

It was his first invisible friend! We watched him admiringly as he eat his meal and mumbled to himself, and we were all stricken with anticipation and joy, that day we were really glad we had a baby video monitor!


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