Never Forget These 5 Cheap Security Cams When Travelling

As a security expert I must admit that I tend to be more concerned with business, home and general residential security systems than good Ol’ road trip cameras and other more ‘fun’ systems.

But recently I was thrust the wand to organize the annual trip for the crew and you wouldn’t believe how this experience has broadened my scope of surveillance.

Of all my friends I’m considered the ‘security guy’, quite correctly too because most of these guys can’t protect themselves from ‘blah’.

The rule we keep is a simple but effective one; whosoever is put in charge of organizing a trip must add his/her personality and presence to it. So yours truly took up the mantle and as you would expect it was all about cameras, wires and gadgets.

The first thing I needed to do was plot out the trip. I’m an old school guy so I prefer a road trip to planes or trains. Simply because it allows you see the world more and get a feel of other places, besides your destination.

This being my first trip to these areas I thought of mounting a cheap surveillance system on our car to capture the entire journey.

But even before this I needed to make sure my friends could breathe easy away from home, so the first check was IP surveillance cameras.

I had them placed in cool angles that captured every inch of our houses. Even with this I had already thrown them into a state of awe. It was really convenient to take a peek of our homes every now and then.

Now with our homes secured I moved on to the next thing on the agenda; cameras for the car. My goal was to get some simple mountable CCTV cameras inside and outside the car, so we could record the entire trip and review it later. I found View-I Dual car camera to be extremely valuable for this.

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This cam not only record crystal clear footage inside and outside the car but it also keeps a GPS history, I thought it would be particularly helpful for adventures and in case of accidents and other road issues. It turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip.

Next I got some good old handheld cameras. But I wanted something a little different, something with a security touch to it. But one that could still be used for those ‘I’m new to this place’ shots.

Looking around I found a lot of interesting items. I never realized how our good Ol’ simple cameras had evolved, there were even some which connected to the internet and displayed the location of the camera on the map and also automatically on every picture taken. It was really a nice touch.

But what really got me excited was finding simple hand held night vision camera. Trust me seeing the world from that view is as weird as it is intriguing and a smart security choice.

I finally settled on a Bell and Howell night vision cam. It was slim, pretty light and convenient to carry around.

I just needed to add one more thing on our list of accoutrement for this trip, a spy wrist watch. Knowing my friends I could almost foretell that they’d become addicted to this gadget and yes they did.

Covert surveillance equipments give us a certain power that can be addictive…sometimes at least.

You wouldn’t believe how these guys put this cam to use; I guess it’ll suffice to say that loading any of their videos would be a violation of some laws.

My last gadget for this trip was a pin hole camera. Now you might be thinking: all these cams and you still need a pin hole cam. Well, this is why I’m an expert at this…let me explain.

Securing our home, car and carrying all the other nice gadgets with us was nice, but how about the property in our hotel rooms. I learnt to keep an eye on my belongings in hotel rooms the hard way when I was robbed of a valuable sum some years back at some hotel.

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This time I made sure to get a pin hole cam with IP broadcasting so we could check up on our stuff even when we had roamed to some far away corner of our destination.

These are my five best spy security cams for any trip. They made my trip one of the most memorable, and it still gives me the same thrill when I playback some of the hilarious moments on the road.

One thing is for sure, I don’t need a perfect memory or thousands in my account to appreciate the good times over and over again.


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