New Phone Security App Could Protect You From Crime

A new personal safety application for cell phones was just rolled out by Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Inc. in the United States. The service, which was originally available in the UK, allows you to activate a personal security alert directly from your cell phone.

Once the alert is activated, the user’s phone begins to collect audio and video information for the security command center.

The Stanley guard personal safety app automatically notifies the security command center of your GPS location and what is happening around you when an alert is triggered. This automatically verifies the threat, the severity of the threat, and dispatches security to your location.

How This System Can Save You Valuable Time

The average response time for a 911 call takes 10 minutes. Between dialing 911, explaining what is happening, and getting a response, valuable time is often lost.

You can be put further into harm’s way when you are trying to explain a situation to a 911 dispatcher. Even worse, calling 911 may be impossible in your situation.

However, with Stanley Guard, you will never have to explain your situation because your circumstances and location will be immediately available as soon as the alert is discreetly sent. This direct form of communication will help get you safer, faster!

How this Application Can Help Solve Crimes

Many crimes go unsolved because police were too late to catch the criminal, or not enough evidence is available to prosecute a suspect. With the Stanley Guard personal safety app, you never have to worry about evidence or delayed response time.

This app will allow for audio and video evidence to be available to security dispatchers right away, and it could be a very valuable tool in catching criminals’ right as a crime is occurring.

Different situations That Could Benefit From This App

In some situations, making a 911 call can put you in even more danger. In these circumstances, the Stanley Guard app may be the difference between life and death.

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Here are some circumstances where this application could make a huge impact:

  1. A store robbery situation. Calling 911 during a store robbery can put employees in even more danger. If all employees were equipped with this personal application, security issues can be stopped immediately.
  2. College campuses. Unfortunately, personal safety issues can happen at any time on a college campus. This app could help to protect students from personal safety incidents.
  3.  Schools. In today’s society, school threats are all too common. This security system could help alert security the moment a threat to a school started, and it could save precious time in stopping the threat.

Crime and safety issues can happen at any moment and having a quick solution is essential to your personal safety. Advanced phone applications like Stanley Guard will help to offer people with the fast security solutions they are seeking.

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