How To Have Great Hot Air Balloon Rides You Will Remember Forever

Taking hot air balloon flights is indeed a unique experience. The view and subtle ambiance has a way of captivating everyone into treasuring those memories forever.

This spectacular journey gives expression to a noted quest of man to fly and with the right outdoor wireless camera all those mind-blowing moments can be relived over and over in colorful life-like pictures.

If you love surfing, then you should read this article on the types of camera that can help you keep a piece of that great moment. Do you know about horse surfing? Checkout this video. It’s fantastic. For something with more adrenaline rush, think about skydiving and jumping from an 11,000ft.


But What Makes Hot Air Balloon Rides So Exciting? Could it be because humans are land bound that the view from the sky is so precious to us?

Hot air balloons were the first mode of flight invented and people continue to enjoy today in annual flight festivals and many private rides across the world. If you really want to enjoy, capture and relive the thrills and trills of your hot air balloon flights, including a high quality, reliable outdoor wireless camera in your pack-plan for your trip is very important.

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Depending on your reason for taking to the sky you have three camera options: You can choose the helmet-attached covert surveillance cameras because of their small, light design and automatic ability to capture good images from a wide view.

You can also use hidden surveillance cameras that can be attached or mounted in the balloon. Alternatively, you could just go for the classic hand-held point and shoot digital camera and personally take the shots or have a third-party take the shots for you.

The big question is:

Why Risk Hot Air Balloon Rides?

Marriage Propose To Your Spouse:

interesting marriage proposal

Transform your marriage proposal from interesting experience

unforgettable marriage proposal

To very unforgettable experience every woman wants. Take private hot air balloon ride or lessons For TWO »

Hot air balloon flights are one of the most romantic ways to propose to your spouse. Many smart men find the hustle and bustle on land to distracting to pop their life-changing question.

I don’t blame them, I think land is too distracting too and separation from such distraction is great because you’d have captured her 100% attention and get her to focus on you. The fun adds up to almost guarantee you a resounding, “Yes! I will

On a lighter note, if you think your girl may ask for “more time to think about it,” well, where else would you want to be to save yourself the embarrassment. You either wish the floor opens up and swallow you or you wish you could fly away. Guess what, better choose to fly.

Ideal outdoor camera for such life-transforming occasion like marriage proposal is one you can mount at a good angle to automatically capture every emotion in HD images.

If you want to bring all the folks back home in on the action, think about an outdoor IP surveillance camera that can work over 3G wireless network provided you’re not flying too high. Now, if you’re going to try that, remember to credit me with that idea.


To Catch the Magical Aerial View:

Most of us do not realize how beautiful this world we live in until we take a hot air balloon ride. Seemingly chaotic world can take beautiful forms and outlines when observed from above.

Now, I’m not talking about Storm Sandy chaotic or Tsunami chaotic, those are different games entirely.

The massive buildings, trees, streams and houses below form a tasteful combination mirroring the works of the world’s great painters.

I’d recommend two types of cameras for a trip like this: The mountable pan tilt zoom cameras and the typical handheld cameras with excellent anti-shake feature that can allow you to personally select all the shots in focus.


To Appreciate Nature:

hot air ballon rides catch the magic view


Hot Air Balloon rides to Appreciate Nature


Throughout history, nature has been one of the most rewarding muses. Understanding and connecting with nature has a way of filling you with joy and peace.

Hot air balloon flights can give you tremendous opportunity to appreciate nature in a unique way. The thrilling aerial view and vast colorful sky combine to make this trip a must and a very rewarding one for everyone.

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Depending on the time of the day you go up, you may just catch the sun rising or setting from a truly majestic angle. Here you have the liberty of choosing a handheld or mounted device, and taking still or video images.

If this is your first trip I’d say take a good still camera for handheld shots, but also have surveillance camera to catch the views you may miss. Check reviews and catalogs for advice on the right cameras.

To Simply Take A Break From Your Troubles and Hassles:

Take A Break From Your Troubles and Hassles

Rewards like a day off from work after almost a year without break not only gives us time to rest but will eventually make us better workers by giving us a chance to miss and therefore appreciate what we do.

Hot air balloon trips are an excellent way of letting off some steam, a day away from work is more than enough time to go on a memorable trip to the sky. This will give you one of the most beautiful views and allow you relax and unwind. It is said: when you work hard you must play harder.

Even one of the greatest brains in the world, Albert Einstein agrees as he once said, “If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, X is work. Y is play! Z is, keep your mouth shut.”

The best camera for this kind of trip really depend on your preference, you may pick a cheap mountable video surveillance camera systems or a normal hand-held camera, whichever suits you.

Why Not Simply Go On Adventure:

hot air balloon

Hot air balloon trips are an excellent avenue for adventure. They are not only safe but also need less effort and physical exhaustion. Throughout history many people have found hot air balloons ideal for adventurous trips.

The record for the longest flight duration is held by Auguste Piccard and Brian Jones, and their flight lasted 19 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes from Switzerland to the Egyptian desert from March 1st to 21st 1999.

Why not challenge this record? Before you go however, make sure you have your video surveillance camera handy. Never leave your home without your outdoor wireless surveillance camera with enough battery power. We don’t want to get stranded just when the thrill and fun is just beginning.

You see, hot air balloon flights defy the laws of nature by placing us in a different habitat, it is a symbol of man’s ingenuity and truly an experience to relish. Modern outdoor wireless surveillance cameras with excellent battery power can add so much more fun to this human favorite pastime.


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GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Wi-Fi Enabled Video Camera. I highly recommend this product, it’s simply amazing. You need to see the amazing video below to have a feel of the great output. It’s really a fantastic way to keep your most cherished moments. Happy ballooning!


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