Logitech Indoor Outdoor Security Camera System Reviews

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Logitech Alert outdoor security camera system is a no-nonsense, don’t mess-with-my-home video surveillance systems. No vandal, burglar or any criminal for that matter would dare to think he’d escape being captured by this high-definition (HD) motion activated security camera. Logitech alert camera is guaranteed to give you peace of mind even at night.

Alert Master 700e outdoor camera is a weatherproof digital video security camera that gives you extra coverage and instant access to crystal-clear HD-quality video anytime, anywhere. It is excellent for remote viewing on your mobile phone, online or at your computer.

It’s the perfect add-on to your indoor or outdoor Alert Master Security System. Let take you through a step-by-step introduction to the powerful features packed into this motion-sensitive outdoor security camera systems.

7 Great Features Of Logitech Outdoor Security Camera System

1.)    Free Apps For Anytime Access To Live Video

logitech indoor outdoor security camera system mobile viewerSee what’s happening on any camera, from anywhere using free apps on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry. Access video streams faster than using the web browser on your phone. Control, manage and view both live and recorded videos from your phone or computer. The apps works with both indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. Logitech alert cameras are exceptional indoor and outdoor cameras that you can watch live from anywhere. The HD outdoor cameras are perfect fit for both old and new homes.

2.)   HD-Quality Video, Night Vision And Wide-Angle Lens

high definition cameraHD-quality video images allow you to identify facial features and license plate numbers, far better than VGA or analog IP cameras. Infrared night vision lets you see in complete darkness, and turns on automatically in low light. The wide-angle lens gives you a full 132° field of view eliminating the need for multiple cameras in one spot.

3.)    Hassle-Free Setup – Easy setup Outdoor Cameras

logitech outdoor security camera systemMount the camera, plug it in and you’re done. Add the outdoor surveillance camera to your Logitech Alert Master System in minutes. Avoid Wi-Fi hassles and network interference with Logitech power line technology that sends video over your home’s existing electrical wiring.

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4.)    Anywhere Anytime Free Remote Monitoring

logitech remote viewerFree, Secure Online Access To Live Video. Perhaps this function is the most important feature of Logitech Alert system. You can watch live HD video from any PC or Mac. Simply log into Logitech’s secure server to view live video feeds using any PC or Intel-based Mac. You can easily view up to six cameras at the same time without any hassle.

5.)     Motion-Triggered Alerts Sent To Your Phone Or Email

motion activated cameraReceive Instant SMS Alert On Motion Detection:Be in the know, when you’re on the go. Smart cameras trigger an instant alert once motion is detected and begin recording automatically. Logitech outdoor security camera systems allow you to target vulnerable areas like doors and windows by specifying up to 16 distinct motion detection zones.

6.)     Built-In DVR Recording

logitech indoor security camera systemCamera Fitted With SD-Card Memory Module:Logitech outdoor security cameras work as a DVR with integrated memory card for secure, robust backup. You will have a 2 GB microSD card to record and store footage, eliminating the need for a separate DVR.

Logitech Alert cameras only record when motion is detected to avoid storing unnecessary footage. You can record activity, even when your PC is off or disconnected. Video recordings are backed up to your PC when it’s reconnected to your network. This has been very simplified to make self maintenance easy.

7.)   Works With An Outdoor Or Indoor Master System

online remote viewingLogitech outdoor surveillance cameras include powerful software that let you control your entire video security system with your PC. You may add more Add on cameras to extend your security coverage or install up to 6 indoor or outdoor cameras, in any combination or location.

You can also watch live video feeds and see what’s been recorded on all of your cameras. Logitech Alert camera gives you great flexibility that allows you to set motion-detection zones for each camera, tilt the camera, zoom in, or pan around to zero in on what’s happening. Use the Calendar feature to see at a glance when video was recorded. Automatically check for software updates to your system and camera, and choose when to download the latest version.

Logitech Alert Outdoor Security Camera System is loaded with free apps for mobile viewing, HD-quality video, night vision ability, hassle-free installation, free viewing over the web, motion-triggered alerts, built-in DVR recording, weatherproof and extendable surveillance cameras. Buy this security system now »

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