Pinnacle Security Systems Breaking New Grounds

It is simply impossible to stop some people from rising to the top.  It is not surprising that after many years of providing excellent home security products and services, matched by a service ethic that is second to none, Pinnacle Security has soared to the zenith of security system provision in America today.

Pinnacle residential security system company can proudly stand alongside the industry equals like Protect America, Monitronics Alarms, Vivint Security, Vector Security and Protection One as this company has consistently been growing its customer base by 50% each year.

Add to this a force of 700 full-time employees, up to 2,000 seasonal workers, and 60 sales offices in the United States and Canada, and it’s not hard to see why the Utah based home alarm security monitoring company continues to climb the ladder of excellence every single day.

Pinnacle Security: Top Products, High Performance

Just like Protect America and Guardian protection services, Pinnacle home security is solidly backed by a trusted line of alarm security systems provided by GE Security which is one of the best burglar alarm manufacturers in the world.

The firm offers customers a lifetime guarantee and fast installations with 90% of systems being completely installed on the same day they are ordered.

Pinnacle’s bestselling home security package contains the Simon XT Panel featuring one-touch arming, built-in siren, built-in two-way voice speaker with microphone, bypass, silent mode option, lighted keypad, and panic buttons for police, fire, and medical.

Other core package elements include two standard door/window sensors, chime, and an image sensor. The company also offers the added benefit of customized packages.

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Pinnacle security also offers other customizable value packages such as the Stay-At-Home option and the Enhanced Perimeter Protection system.

The stay-at-home package is great for families with children and can prevent false alarms in much higher numbers.

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Pinnacle Security Really Setting High Standards

The Utah based home alarm monitoring company’s performance has caught the attention of many organizations and have been praised and rewarded for its proficiency and pride in helping secure Americans and America alike.

In 2010 alone Pinnacle’s profile rose as a security system firm par excellence. In that year it received the GE Liberty Award for Outstanding customer care and tech support, making it the third consecutive year it copped the title.

Also in 2010, the company was named among INC 5000’s fastest growing companies in America, and was also nominated for Utah’s Best in State Merchandising and Consumer Services Award.

This top-notch security system provider has also been commended for its support of the National Guard. But, it appears Pinnacle security is not satisfied with just providing top notch security systems at good prices for the average homeowner.

Benefits of Pinnacle Home Security Alarm Services

Pinnacle is a carrier of GE products, and have earned the prestigious GE Liberty Award every year for the past three years for leading customer service and technical support.

Pinnacle values customer service, and you won’t have to pay for any service call fees (a-hem VivintNow!)

They offer competitive pricing on their packages that include some of the most inexpensive camera security systems on the market. You can have a CCTV like setup in your home, and pay very little.

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Complaints on Pinnacle Home Security Systems

It is hard to find a bad review of Pinnacle Systems. Of course you have the occasional gripe, but it seems that those are few and far between.

Like ADT Security Services, Pinnacle is nationwide, but has not become too big to forget about customer service.

Bravo Pinnacle!

There you have it. As you can see, this is just a brief explanation of various home security products and services.

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Of course, it is important for you and your loved ones to decide what is necessary to secure your house and work from there.

You can go as technologically as advanced as you want with wireless/remote services, or you can save money and install a standard package that is maybe less flashy.

Both will protect your home, but it is important to understand what works for you financially, and what is really necessary to protect your home.


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