Would You Use Protect America Home Security System?

Remember Captain America, The Shield, and Liberty Belle? These three American superheroes filled with passion to protect America, fought tooth and nail to defend their country and country-men from the evils scoundrels.

Today, the alarm monitoring company Protect America home security might not be wielding supernatural shields or holding super fighting powers bestowed by the Liberty Bell, but it offers something even better – the opportunity for every American to help protect themselves from criminals.

Protect America protects almost half a million homes with a top-notch, state-of-the-art personalized security system right on their own premises.

The home burglar alarm monitoring company has been serving customers and  protecting American homes since 1992 and continues to grow in size and customers served.

I think you should also read what an 8-year ProtectAmerica client has to say. I’ve also talked about what you should know about free home security systems. While you’re still at it, find out about other competition like Pinnacle Systems and Vivint Alarms.

Five-Star Quality for Affordable Prices

With one of its five wireless home security systems package being elected as a Consumers Digest Best Buy for 2012, and the other four receiving 5 star ratings by TopConsumerReviews.com in 2012, this company offers consumers the best home alarm system package available on the market.

The company’s hallmark is providing liberating security systems that battle the restraints of small budgets, and as such monthly rates range from a mere $29.99 to $42.99.

Products and services offer by Protect America security include police, fire and medical response, HomePulse broadband monitoring, standard landline monitoring, two-way voice monitoring, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, cellular interactive home monitoring.

The alarm monitoring company also provide lifetime alarm system replacement parts warranty, free micro sensor upgrade, online storage and archived video, customizable alerts via email or text, advanced camera service.

Home Safety Systems at Your Control

The full range of the Protect America home security alarm products features three state-of-the-art user-friendly control panels and a variety of entry point monitors, and top-rated security equipment. The panels on offer are:

  1. The GE Simon XT, a broad-featured system with one-touch panic buttons, with ease of use aided by an LCD screen, monitoring for more than 40 zones, digital voicing, and latch key.
  2. The GE Simon XT Touch Screen loaded with all the Simon XT features plus the added advantage of an intuitive interface on a color LCD screen, door and window supervision and built-in voice commands
  3. The Simon 3 wireless control panel which includes back-up battery, sleek keypad, and an interior siren. Packaged to suit every lifestyle and budget!
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Protect America, Pinnacle Security and Guardian Protection Services are some of the big authorized provider of GE Alarm Systems.

Protect America scope of impressive house alarm systems packages bearing the trusted GE home security systems starts from the Copper Security featuring a control panel, three door/window sensors and one motion detector.

The range moves up incrementally in components and price offering the Bronze Security with a control panel, seven door/window sensors, and one motion detector.

The Silver Security with a control panel, ten door/window sensors, and one motion detector. The Gold Security featuring a control panel, twelve door/window sensors and one motion detector.

The fifth package in the line-up of offerings is the Platinum Security featuring a control panel, fifteen door/window sensors, and one motion detector.

All systems support the flexible monitoring choices of landline, broadband or cellular. Read Protect America home security alarm reviews as written by users.

Security Systems Services That Cannot be Topped


Protect America Security is highly ranked among the industry’s leading security providers such as Monitronics Alarms, Vivint Security, Pinnacle Security, and Protection One.

The wireless home security systems provider integrates contemporary wireless technology in its installation, therefore, decreasing customers’ worries over large capital outlays for wired systems.

The company also offers customers the ability to view their secure premises with a 24/7 on-demand video application.

Protect America home security system also has GPS vehicle tracking system that keeps track of the customers’ vehicle via web interface, while allowing users to receive alerts via email or text messaging.

With an offer of no upfront costs to the consumers, this company has won many thankful hearts across the land.

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Questions or Queries? Support is Waiting!

Unlike most superheroes Protect America home security is not shy to interact with those it protects.

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Customer feedback including those of dissatisfaction with any product or service is welcome. One of the best advantages of using protect America is the great prices.

An award-winning company recommended by Consumer Reports, Protect America offers reliability combined with affordability, ensuring that all are protected day in and day out. Many of the packages are available with low monthly monitoring fees.

Of course, as with all companies, there are a few complaints about Protect America as well. The biggest complaint of Protect America customers past and present is the contracts.

You must sign no less than a 2 year contract to use the service, and many mention that the contract somehow gets extended without their knowledge, resulting in additional monies being owed.

Faulty equipment is another top complaint made by those who have used Protect America. Motion detectors do not work, sometimes the actual touchscreens do not work, and an array of other problems with the equipment has been reported.

But this is where it gets really interesting. Protect America home security provides lifetime guarantee on all of their security systems which in my opinion is an excellent benefit.

No matter where you go, no matter how long you have had the security system, Protect America offers a replacement should anything go wrong with your unit.


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