Rafting – a Fight against the Elements

The thrashing waves. The roaring waters. The sharp boulders that are just waiting to crush you beneath its wild fury. The river has only one intention – to overturn you and throw you at the mercy of the churning waters. Yes, rafting is literally a struggle against nature at its wildest.

There is nothing like rafting to test your skill at survival. With the thrashing waters constantly waging a battle against you to toss you into the whirlpool of water around you, the rapids test you to its maximum. Well, if you are stubborn enough and not wiling to give up no matter what, definitely the winner would be you. But, the victory wouldn’t be complete unless you have a camera to record your struggle against the fury of nature.

The weatherproof camera

It goes without saying that the cameras you would use to record your rafting glory should be protected against the water. And so, use only weatherproof security cameras.

The rafters of the past would store their cameras in a dry bag and would wait for the waters to calm down or would move towards the shore before they would take pictures. Once they are done, they would resume their trip again.

But, with so many weatherproof security cameras available in the market today, you needn’t lose the glorious moments in water in the fear of damaging your equipment.

They came in both digital cameras and video models. They would help you to record some of the most exciting moments of rafting without the fear of damaging your cameras in case it falls into the water. Don’t fall for the spell of the seller. Test it out yourself or ask around for the opinion of other rafters before you make a choice.

Experienced rafters recommend going for the cheap surveillance cameras as a precaution against losing them or damaging them. This is one of the better options especially is you are trying rafting for the first time.

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You could take two cameras with you. The cheap surveillance cameras could be carried around by you during rafting and the costlier version or the best wireless security cameras could be put in a separate boat as an insurance against accidents.

Then, the best wireless security camera remains safe, even if your raft is overturned and you fall overboard, a common occurrence while rafting.

For your own safety, ensure that you don’t get too engrossed in the taking of photos or videos while rafting.

Many a fatality in rafting has been the result of absorption with the camera while you are rushing towards a rapid at breakneck speed.

You awareness of what is awaiting you downriver is very much a necessity to save your neck. Also one of your fellow rafters could lookout for you while you are shooting.

Don’t forget yourself

A couple of years back, there was the incident where, a white water rafter had a fatal accident while he was busy snapping pictures. He was so involved in the task that he failed to notice the rapidly approaching whirlpool in spite of warnings from his friends.

He was overthrown and landed head first on the nearest boulders. The video recordings of the blood turning the water red for an instant before it was washed away by the elements would be enough to turn the stomach of even the most hardcore rafter.

Well, it may be gruesome to say this, but the best video security system that was attached to the side of the raft gave some breathtaking footage of the accident.

But, it’s always better to live and tell the tale rather than be a martyr to carelessness and end up as a mere video footage. Here too, experts suggest going for cheap video surveillance cameras to avoid financial loss due to damage.

When you are buying cameras for rafting – both for still photography and video recording – lookout for the easy-to-use variety, so that you wouldn’t have to fiddle with them too much to shoot the pictures.

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Modern technology has versions which come with some amazing features that would enable you to take breathtaking shots almost singlehandedly.

When you are going to indulge in a dynamic sport like rafting, the pictures should also be dynamic, fight? So, make wise choices and have a great time of pitting your wits against the violent forces of nature.



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