Bouncing Imaging – Surveillance Camera You Can Throw Like Missile Bomb

Every member of my family knows I’m a fan of military war movies and great epic movies. While I do not like real war and real violence, hi-tech military gadgets and electronic devices have always fascinated me.

United States marine and fighters are highly equipped with state of the art technologies like robots and fiber optics cameras that are helping them avoid casualties at the war-front. However, these high-end technologies are too expensive, classified and complex for firefighters, police, rapid response squads, reporters and photographers who are also involved in high risk jobs.

Today I saw an amazing piece of technology called Bouncing Imaging that is bringing technology, research and development together into the palms of our hands.

No, I’m not talking about iPhone or other mobile communication devices that have taken over our society in waves; I’m actually talking about a cheap, rubber-type material with powerful electronic devices.

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Bouncing imaging is a smart round shaped device that functions like a 6-eyed robot. It is a smart sensor fixed with six electronic surveillance cameras. You can toss it into anywhere you do not want to enter.  As it rotates, it will quickly capture some images and data (like temperature, oxygen, carbon monoxide, etc) and sends that information to a mobile receiver that is with you. I really like this product because our brave men and women who enter into hazardous places everyday can limit how much they place their lives in danger.

We ask police to detain and curtail violence and stop crimes. We ask firefighters to search burning building for survivors, we ask soldiers to clear burning caves and compounds. But how secure and safe are they while doing their jobs.

Imagine what this piece of technology would mean to people involved in highly risky jobs and professions. Not too long ago a reported was shot in at the war front where he was covering a story.

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Piece of tool like this can help reporters and professional photographers who often times, venture into the unknown to bring us those breaking news and amazing photos we all love to see. Trust me, it’s a super cool device. I’m not surprised it has been named one of the best invention of 2012 by TIMES magazine.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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