Remote Control Light Switch For Smart Lighting Control

Smart Tips: Remote control light switch is the most comfortable, hassle-free, energy-efficient way to transform your residence to a smart home. Energy efficient lighting systems also cost less, easy to maintain and help reduce global warming.

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Here are a few essentials on wireless remote control light switch you need to know to make sure that you squeeze out great benefits from your remotely-activated wireless light switches:

In my house, my bedroom light is a few steps away from my bed placements and I hate getting up from my bed to switch-off my daytime lights for my bedtime light, then go turn-off lights in my child’s room and the living room.

Now, a remote light switch solves the problem. There are some motion-activated remote security lighting control with embedded camera. Some of them may even be solar-powered motion active lights.

No fooling around. Remote control light switches offer you ways to directly control your home indoor and outdoor lighting all with a touch of a single button.

Thus if now you can only turn your stair lights on from the top or bottom of the staircase then these remote control light switches should enable you to add a switch, or use a remote control, from the other end of your staircase.

Don’t just focus on lighting. home monitoring is also vital. I wrote an article about the top five way I know to stop breaking and entering on your property. If you use home security companies, find out the top five questions you must asked them. Read about the top alarm companies in the country.

If your house or room is quite large and you have to manually turn on 4 to 5 buttons before you can have a well-lit room. Then, those days are over because you can now have a smart button to remotely turn on/off all those lights bulbs instantly to get full lightning.

Your lamps will activate just as if they are on a built-in switch.

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Exactly what you need. Right?
Great energy saver and convenient automatic lighting control system at your call and beckon.

Even if your house was designed and built 100 years ago without consideration for a single light switch placement, believe me, these wireless remote light switch review will arm you with knowledge of those products you should consider.

Now, I’m sure you’d want me to tell you in this reviews, the best wireless remote control light switch but the truth is, no perfect product exists, consumers must make compromises, acceptable must-have features and trade-offs.

Motion Activated Sensor Lighting For Home Security


Equally better are solar-powered long-range motion activated sensor light which turn on when it detects that someone or “something” crosses it field of vision and off seconds or minute later when no activity is detected.

Homes having outdoor security camera systems should strongly consider supplementing their motion activated outdoor security cameras with motion sensor radio lights.

Such combination is a great way to improve the quality of recorded videos and images, especially if the outdoor security cameras do not have night-vision capabilities.

Caution: When you install multiple wireless remote control light switches, put some distance between them to avoid interference. You don’t want your living room lights turn-off every time you turn off your basement lights.

On a lighter note, for those who want to discover if there’s ghost in their home, note that automatic sensor light cannot help you because motion activated remote light switches do not turn on when a ghost passes!

One more thing to note if you are installing your remote light switch for outdoor lighting, be sure to use waterproof protective casings to prevent water from getting into the during a heavy rain, in which case, the unit may stop working.

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Smart Tips: Even a cheap but high performing motion activated solar powered security lights to automatically turn off lights when no-one is in the room can be highly efficient.

Reports have confirmed that an average of 128 hours per year of unnecessary lighting can be avoided, thereby reducing electricity consumption for the lighting by 10%.


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