How Residential Alarm Systems Protect You From Criminals

Residential alarm systems are great home security and protection systems everyone should consider…. but…

How important and reliable are these wireless house alarm systems everyone is raving about?  This is a typical question anybody may want to ask. Now wait a moment, read this true life account of someone:

In a local report, a 37-inch television and several other belongings were reportedly stolen from a home recently…. guess how the culprit gained access into the home….

He simply kicked the side door open!

We can easily guess what would have happened if the homeowner had installed even a very simple wireless house alarm system that can make some pretty loud freaky noise.

Many young people even older people are resorting to crime and home invasion.

In a related story in Arizona, a middle-aged man was arrested for invading a home.

Unfortunately for him, he “successfully” triggered the wireless residential alarm systems installed by the house owner. The homeowner could not contain his excitement at the perfect timing of the installation of his residential alarm systems which he claimed to have installed a night before the incidence!

It is the responsibility of every house or business owner to invest in wired or wireless residential alarm systems and some really good digital video surveillance cameras as crime and home invasion remains a constant threat everywhere.

In the U.S., a burglary occurs somewhere every 15 seconds!

It is not surprising then that the police department have been encouraging people to install home security monitoring systems as these surveillance systems continue to help them make successful arrests.

Even insurance companies have been actively promoting home burglar alarm systems as a measure to save house owners from self-inflicted mistakes….

Now you wish to take a look at your options…. but alas… you don’t even know where to start from neither do you know which of these heavily touted home security monitoring equipments would be the best for you.

Don’t sweat it. It pretty simple…. and you only need few minutes to read suggestions on choosing the BEST home security systems for YOU.

Can Burglars Outsmart Home Alarm Monitoring Systems?

Gone are the days when you have to clear your bank account to purchase a home security monitoring system.

In fact, these days, anybody, irrespective of income level can afford to have a home burglar alarm monitoring equipment installed because these security alarm systems are quite affordable, versatile and dependable than ever before.

Few days ago, a report showed that 4 out of 10 burglars would avoid residential with wired or wireless residential alarm systems.

The report also confirmed that 5 homes without any burglar alarm monitoring equipment would likely be robbed before a single home with monitored burglar alarm systems is robbed.

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This is quite interesting for a homeowner who needs some motivations on why he should consider investing in a wireless house alarms system for instance.

Now the question is, as these home security monitoring systems get smarter, cheaper and more versatile, can criminals and home burglars device new ways to outsmart them?

According to an ex-home burglar who was recently interviewed by an insurance company, more criminals are getting “busted” by home burglar alarm monitoring equipments than ever before…

because we [criminals] don’t always know they [home alarm systems] are there and watching.

In the words of an ex-criminal, “most neighbors would pretend not to notice crime in a neighboring apartment rather than call the police…”

He secretly expressed regrets as he was caught muttering to himself and cursing under his breath “I wish I knew the security alarm was there…”

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So, if we ask again if home burglar would probably outsmart home burglar alarm monitoring equipments.

The answer is, “not likely!” At least for now… burglars will continue to get “busted” provided homeowners are smart enough to install these powerful crime detection and prevention surveillance systems.

Meanwhile, if the thoughts of running wires throughout your home have kept you from purchasing a home security alarm system in the past years, then a wireless home security system is exactly what you need.

Installation is pretty easy and requires minimal effort compared to hard-wired systems.

Suppose you want a home security monitoring system that you can monitor remotely from anywhere, anytime, then grab some wireless IP cameras.

Why Insurance Companies Promote House Alarms

One other interesting thing is you could get considerable discounts up to 20% on your home insurance if you have residential alarm systems installed.

Whether you are just moving into your new home or you have been living there for a long time, we highly recommend that you consider wireless residential alarm systems. They come with great ease of installation and management.

Besides, the benefits you get from installing a burglar alarm monitoring equipment far transcend theft prevention or intrusion detection. Home security monitoring system may even save you from yourself.

For example, modern wired and wireless home security alarm systems have fire detection and alarm system which triggers when a fire outbreak is detected. This can tremendously reduce damage caused by fires.

Some of these fire detection and burglary home alarm systems have features that can promptly notify the fire department.

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In essence, it does not require anyone to be at home before a SOS call is made. Homeowners with teenagers are strongly advised to consider one of these home security alarm systems.

It may surprise you to know that before a single burglary insurance is claimed, up to 10 fire insurance have been claimed.

It comes as no surprise then why insurance companies want house owners to install alarm systems with fire detection.

Choice: Burglar Alarm or Video Surveillance systems

It is important to note that burglar alarm systems and surveillance cameras perform different but complementary functions.

For instance, home burglar alarm system is for crime prevention while a home surveillance video camera system is for detection possibly after the crime has occurred.

When a burglar alarm system triggers, it throws the criminal into panic and hastily try to get away ASAP. To prevent your home from been attacked you may want to consider an alarm.

If you’re interested in being able to visually monitor your home, you need to include home video surveillance equipment.

Some of us may want both. No sweat. Home security companies know this fact and there are great home security monitoring systems that provide both alarm and remote surveillance function.

In essence, it does not require anyone to be at home before a SOS call is made. Homeowners with teenagers are strongly advised to consider one of these home security alarm systems.

How To Monitor your home Anytime Using your Smart Phone

If you are considering purchasing wireless home alarm system, you need to also figure out how you want to remotely monitor your home. Realistically, you can’t always be by the computer all the time.

Therefore, you should consider a wireless home security alarm and video system with smart phone connectivity that supports web, mobile and email alerts notifications.

This is really simple. It may only require you to download an app from apple store or your seller can provide you software to install on your smart phone.

You can use monitor and control your wireless home security alarm system remotely.

You can zoom, pan, tilt, activate, arm or disarm the motion detector cameras or alarm system.

This function comes very handy especially when you forgot to activate your residential alarm systems before leaving home.


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