Revamp Your world like APX Alarms and Vivint

by Elena

Many years ago, nobody really cared for alarm monitoring systems for their homes or business premises. Even now, some people still do not really care much not until critical event like break-in, fire, burglary or something related happens.

Alarm monitoring marketers have used door-knocking schemes as proven ways for them to demonstrate the effectiveness of features and benefits of alarm security systems and convince customers to purchase.
Even nowadays, home alarms are still quite expensive but alarm monitoring companies like ADT Security, Monitronics, Vivint and Protect America often amortize the cost by giving their customers free alarm security systems and make them spread the cost over several years through the length of their contracts – just like our cell phone contracts.

Vivint for example has now differentiated their produces and services to the point where there is greater value in the monthly fees than their competitors. This is clearly demonstrated by the high percentage of Vivint customers who are renewing their contracts after their initial contract term was complete.

In addition, Vivint is seeing increased sales through other channels (inside sales) besides door-knocking. Like it or not, Vivint is once again leading the way. Expect their competitors to quickly follow or become irrelevant.

Heard of APX Alarm Security Solution? Probably not. But that’s ok. It’s par for the course when discussing home automation, a market segment mostly ignored by the big boys of consumer electronics.

Today APX is making a grand entrance into home automation thanks to a $443 million investment by Goldman Sachs. The company’s new lineup of Z-Wave-based automatic door locks, video surveillance, lighting and small appliance controls will be sold under the new Vivint identity.

Better yet, the new Z-Wave modules are designed to work with the APX Go!control alarm panels already purchased by some 170,000 customers, according to APX Alarms.

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