Big Problem – School Video Surveillance May Be A Thorn In The Flesh

In the wake of the Sandy Hook’s school children and teacher massacre that happened not too long ago in the United States coupled with the gang-rape of a 21-year old medical college student in India, schools across the world are beefing up their security to include comprehensive school video surveillance systems.

But there’s a problem with this new development. We may be seeing a sweet and sour development because of the recent findings that more than a dozen brands of video surveillance cameras are vulnerable to hackers who can possibly break into the software through bugs found in most of the camera software. Read the story on Forbes »

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In one of my recent discussions with William Charles, a security analyst based in London, he said school surveillance is a very wonderful development and it’s actually a great step in the right direction. In his words, “video security system in school is great for the schools, safe for the kids, relieving for the parents and poises great hindrances for the criminals”

India particularly is taking giant steps to set up CCTV video security cameras in not less than 179 school across schools in Delhi which is a major city in India.

In the not too distant future, parents may be able to monitor their children remotely.


If School Video Surveillance Is Unregulated… It’s Hell

Brandon, a social psychologist in New York wrote an interesting futuristic comment lately saying, “I will not be surprised if very soon, one of the major criteria that parents consider when choosing schools for their children is the presence of security systems in the school.”

Thanks to IP video surveillance systems, anyone anywhere can monitor any video surveillance installed in any location. So, we may even be able to envisage a future where parents would be able to monitor their children themselves using a remote access connection provided by the school administration.

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Such system would particularly be great for preschoolers and kindergarten kids since parents would possibly want to monitor their children from work once in a while.

On the other hand, for such system to work, such in-school remote video security monitoring for parents would have to tackle several challenges that are not related to electronics security.

That shooting (in August 2008) at Central High? Remember that. The camera in the cafeteria was pointed at the back of a pole. And the superintendent says he’s satisfied with security. Really? He’s satisfied that we have security keypads that are not even connected (to the system). And he’s satisfied? Someone needs to step up and be accountable. -Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett. Read the story »

For example, parents’ access password may get into wrong hands, unauthorized or illegal access to video feeds must be addressed, not forgetting that hackers and pedophiles may use the school or classroom video feeds to monitor their young innocent targets.

In summary, school surveillance is more than just installing video security cameras, personnel authorization and access needs to be enforced and controlled. Who has access to video feeds also needs to be regulated to avoid a situation where the hunter becomes the hunted.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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  • BrS

    I wouldn’t want to monitor my children while at school and one of my criteria would be a school that does not spy.