Excuses you need to secretly monitor your teenage child

I wrote this article for those parents are worried to death about the safety of their children. Here are the smoothest excuses you need to secretly monitor your teenage children.

I believe kids would always be a handful, especially in those teenage years. It’s important to let them express their individuality, but we must protect and guard them as their parents. Our struggle at balancing both is what results in conflict between most parents and their teenage children.

But why use a club to hunt a fish? I say it’s too brutal and burdensome.  Why not go smart? Over the weekend I was speaking at a local High School on the same topic, and my conclusion is/was…Covert surveillance equipment is the way.

Let me describe some scenarios that prove this point.


The first thing you need to urgently protect your child from is drugs. t know your child or his/her character, friends, et cetera, but I know that at the age of 16 I was smoking cigarettes and soaking in whiskey like a sailor.

But with a simple keylogger software or any other computer monitoring software and a phone monitoring system you can keep track of all your children’s correspondences and make sure they’re not putting themselves at risk in any way.

In this tech age you can still be that watchful parent at work or even out-of-town.


Pedophiles and Fraudsters

The social media craze has highlighted two important aspects of the internet. Whilst it connects you with the world, it also puts you at risk of being a victim of identity theft and fraud.

There are software that record your children’s passwords and monitor every message sent or received on their PC or smart device.

No teenager would like his/her parent to know all he/she does, so please never try to play big brother. The information is to help you protect your teenager from suspicious characters who may be looking to take advantage of him/her.

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Almost every teenager is intrigued about sex, add the power of the internet to that equation and pornography sites are one of the most visited places on the internet.

The main problem with this is that it opens your child to a world of influences beyond your control. So besides that one on one chat, we also need to put systems in place to monitor your children and what he/she is doing.

A Keylogger software is the most ideal for this; it’ll bring up screenshots of your child’s screen or mobile phone and give you remote access to the system storage, ensuring you can supervise what your teenager watches online and put a restriction on the browser if need be.


Phone calls

Teens are always up to something, and without mind reading powers you can’t keep up with their moves. However they can’t do without their Smartphone’s either, touché. See the Top 3 Accurate Mobile Cell Phone Tracker Software.

Rather than the confrontation and all that yelling, a simple Bluetooth phone recorder or a smart phone monitoring software can give you the entire scoop.


Night Out

When I was a teenager, my favorite thing to do it seems was to sneak out to a party at night, and from all indications parties are only getting better today.

Every teenager’s dream is to be considered an adult, and armed with a fake ID and other adult accoutrement; the club is the most fun place to try out their new-found adulthood. Sometimes these experiences leave valuable lessons, other times they end in disasters.

As much as we wish for the lessons and not disaster, we must make sure our children are safe guarded from harm and illegal activities. One way to do this is to fix GPS trackers on their cars or bikes and activate their phone’s Wi-Fi broadcasting signal.

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This way you can watch over them like an angel where-ever they go, whenever…with and without your permission. You could also get them an MP3 player with a hidden camera, to ensure you hear them all the time and know for a fact that they’re safe.

Again I must state that having all this info about your child shouldn’t make you act like a weird mystic. You should use it not only to protect your child but also to create an understanding between two of you. Get to understand his interests and desires and help them meet it anyway you can.

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Another important point to note is:

Please don’t go ambush your child with hidden cameras and other spy and surveillance security equipment. That will not end well. Use them wisely when you start to suspect something is up with your teenager.



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