Securing Reception Area with Video Surveillance Cameras

The reception area is practically the busiest section of any establishment. This is the primary access point for a business or apartment.

Taking the number of people who use this section, it is necessary for special attention to be given to it to make sure it is never a gateway for crime into the place only because the necessary steps were not taken to safeguard this area.

In many instances, the most conventional measure taken is the use of manned security posts – they are almost in every single establishment.

Though effective, human security is not entirely reliable when it comes to round the clock security solutions. There is always the possibility of an error here or a slip up there – it happens even to the best of us.

As such, aren’t security cameras an obviously better option? The cameras are not a replacement of the security people, but an effective complement to human work. The surveillance cameras are placed in strategic positions to offer the much-needed security boost in an establishment.


Contrary to common belief, security cameras are not only useful for strangers and visitors, but they can also be used for monitoring the same reception staff can they are meant to complement.

Reception being the first contact area for an establishment, it is critically essential for the staff members deployed here to always be keen and give the best services to persons entering the premise.

Placement of an active security system in this area guarantees efficient service delivery by the reception staff. Here, the cameras do not only provide safety for visitors and staff, they also increase productivity.


Best video surveillance systems for securing reception area

The demand in the security surveillance niche has resulted in flood of surveillance system options in the market. This increase in equipment and service providers implies there is also varying quality, specifications, and application. As such, the process of choosing the best system is bound to be heavily time and effort consuming.
It might be best to consult a video surveillance system installer and seeking guidance from establishments that have already implemented the systems. Security matters cannot be handled through trial and error or quality compromise as they present a constant threat to turn catastrophic at the slightest slip-up.

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However, if you’re feeling ambitious and competent, depending on the size of your premise, you may want to start with a 4 or 8 camera system for securing your reception area, entry and exit points as well as other important areas within your premises.

wireless camera systems


Convenience of Smart IP cameras

There are many surveillance cameras options, but IP surveillance cameras come out on top when looking to comprehensively secure your reception area from external security threats.

Beyond their affordability and ease of installation, IP surveillance cameras also support remote access – you can actively watch your reception area from practically anywhere in the world with a smart phone or an internet connection.

An IP video camera provides great convenience because the reception area can be temporarily left unmanned. The camera can double up security and reception by sending alert messages when a person enters the reception desk. 

In fact, according to CISCO, this is the exact service provided by the IP surveillance cameras installed at a cosmetic dental center in California. The center only has three staff members with the camera taking up reception duties. With a simple glance at their computer, – even during a dental procedure – the dentist or assistants are instantly notified when a client enters the reception area.

Here’s how CISCO puts it on their website:

For example, Skye Dental, a Milpitas, California cosmetic dental center with three employees, added an IP video surveillance system to monitor the office’s front lobby and hallway areas. Thanks to the IP video system, a dentist or assistant attending to patients can simply glance at a computer screen to see if anyone is waiting in the lobby. Not having to station someone at the front desk at all times helps the dental office improve productivity and patient care, while also helping to make sure security.

The efficiency of the IP cameras has not only improved the security here, it also has saved on wastage of human resource.

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Would Hidden Cameras be Good Option for Securing Reception Areas?



A growing number of establishments are turning to hidden surveillance cameras. With this option, visitors are unaware of the monitoring, and they are more casual interacting with the reception staff. Such an instance occurred in a Birmingham law firm when a client unacceptably misbehaved with a reception woman during the lunch break.

The woman complained of sexual harassment, the client was arrogant and insulted the woman. Besides, the client threatened to take legal action against the woman for defamation.

Of course being a wealthy and long-term client he expected the law firm to back his claims against the woman.

Unfortunately for him, the receptionist’s sexual harassment claims were backed by the hidden surveillance camera in securing the reception area.

The law firm stood behind the receptionist and even managed a settlement for her from the client – maybe there still is justice in the world.
Surveillance is now an important necessity for firms and businesses. The reception area requires particular attention to guarantee safety for both visitors and staff members.


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