Securing your home during festive winter

With Christmas just around the corner, homes look like treasure chests to intruders thanks to expensive electronics gadget and jewellery we buy for our loved ones.

A lot of people also go away for a while over the festive period. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the security of your properties during the festive months. So here are some of our top tips on securing your home during festive winter:

Maintain All Locks

It’s all very well making sure your front door locks are secure – but have you checked the condition of any window locks, back door locks, side gates and sheds? Make sure you install the very best uPVC, euro cylinder or composite locks for each door, window and gate for maximum security during the colder months. 

As provider of high quality locksmith training courses, we’re big on keeping your home safe.

Light it Up

Burglars tend to target homes more often in the winter as they’re hidden by the darkness – so it’s wise to invest in an outdoor motion sensor security light.

You can also invest in timer lights so your lamps are switched on, making it look like you’re home. Timer lights can be found in a range of popular high street shops.

Decoys Cameras

If you’ve got a lower budget for security equipment for your home during festive winter then there are still several options for your household. Simply installing a dummy CCTV camera by your doors and windows can put off some burglars from breaking in.

They can be bought on the high street for a low price. Another decoy would be to put up a “Beware of the Dog” sign on your door and perhaps a dog bowl of water by the back door.

Keep the Garden Clear

Cut back evergreen trees and bushes to stop them obscuring your garden – it’s a big plus for burglars if they can hide from neighbours among bushes and plants.

Also remember to store away any outdoor equipment such as tools, furniture and the kids toys. Some opportunist thieves will take anything available.

If You’re Away, Don’t Say

Don’t advertise your absence if you’re off to visit friends and relatives even if it’s only for a few days. This includes keeping announcements to a minimum on social media – you never know who could be looking.

Don’t cancel any regular deliveries such as newspapers, milkman, subscription veg/coffee, etc.

Another giveaway is dying plants outside your door. Take them indoors or, better, ask a neighbour to take care of them.

Take Care of the Plumbing

This may not be such an obvious tip – but if you’re away from your home for a few days and a severe cold weather warning is issued you’ll need to leave your heating on to stop pipes from bursting and flooding your home. Make sure your home is in generally condition before you leave.

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As a provider of high quality locksmith training courses, we’re big on keeping your home safe . Take a look at the exclusive MPL locksmith training courses today. - Call 01924 360 444 for more information.

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