Why Home Security Camera DVR Solution Is Not Your Only Option

While security camera DVR is the most popular surveillance and security monitoring option, it is surely neither your best nor your only option.

Current market forecast shows that video surveillance will continue to grow exponentially over the next decade. The growth is attributed to wide acceptance of video surveillance for home and business monitoring, adoption and integration of new video technologies.

More importantly attributed to the growth of DVR security camera is the need for improved physical security due to increased crime rates and other societal vices.

In the following review, we offer top-notch briefs about the background, current trends and future of video surveillance systems including the popular security digital video recorder:

Now Meet the Best Digital Video Surveillance Security Systems

  1. Network Video Security Cameras: For Total IP Video Surveillance
  2. Wireless IP Security Camera: For Standalone Internet Monitoring
  3. Security Digital Video Recorder: Problems With DVR Systems
  4. Spy Video Camera Security Systems: Hidden Cams in Your Home
  5. CCTV Security Digital Video Recorder: Is CCTV Good Enough?

Network Video Security Cameras For Total IP Video Surveillance

Undoubtedly, network security system is the last future of home and business security monitoring systems as we see it.

The main equipment required for an IP digital video surveillance systems are wired or wireless IP security camera, PC with video management software commonly called network video recorder (NVR), Category 5 (Cat 5) cables and a network switch/router.

With total IP video surveillance, an individual can easily integrate and watch his several business office branches, homes, estates, warehouses, yards and other properties all from a single integrated video management solution.

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IP enabled network video surveillance solution embodies several products such as wired and wireless IP cameras, video servers or encoders as well as hardware and software for network video recorders. Security monitoring companies and surveillance equipment manufacturers are working assiduously to produce required hardware and software.

Hardware network video recorders, NVR, a powerful enabler of IP surveillance security systems was not fully developed until recently. Companies like ACTi are actively promoting and marketing NVR systems.

4G Telecommunication systems such as WiMAX and LTE Advanced will also be main major product drivers that will help leverage IP security and video surveillance systems. 4G communication systems are designed to make download of video applications requiring large bandwidth as fast as breeze.

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Wireless IP Security Camera For Standalone Internet Monitoring

IP surveillance camera operates using the same technology that we use for email and Skype. For example, sending and receiving emails simply means we send Data-over-IP while for Skype and other similar products, we send voice-over-IP.

Hence, IP surveillance camera simply means we now use the same technology to send Video-over-IP. VOIP is the same technology we apply when we use our webcam or watch videos on YouTube.

Video surveillance camera is thus an application of VOIP to give video security solutions. It’s as simple as that.
IP Security Camera     Since IP surveillance cameras would be the main product driver for the total IP security solution, current trend however is to integrate wired or wireless IP security cameras into existing, widely available security digital video recorders (DVRs) to create a hybrid solution.
Such DVR security camera systems enable users to view recorded footage, configure and manage their systems remotely. Wireless IP security camera option is really fascinating because it gives you greater degree of freedom than other options.

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IP video surveillance cameras can hook up directly to your computer’s hard drive to record images. You can then log-in to the IP address of the wireless IP cameras to see what’s going on at home, work or from anywhere there is Internet access.

Wireless IP security video camera can save you money by eliminating the need for complete home surveillance security equipment. However, IP cameras often need a bit more configuration once you’ve got a hang of it, presto, you are online!

In case you need to see how shady or nice your babysitter is to your children or what she’s been up to at your home when you’re not around, or how your workers go about their jobs when you are not watching then you need to get a IP video surveillance cameras.

An IP surveillance camera can be used as standalone surveillance system. However, without the DVR security systems, you will not be able to record those video images although you can view the video streams real-time.

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Mini Digital Video Recorder: How Good Is DVR Security System?

Main idea of security camera DVR is to capture high-resolution video images, compress the videos into smaller sizes using powerful video compression software and then store the video recording in a high-capacity storage medium.

This requires the video to be in digital format, hence, the term digital video recorder (DVR). Security camera DVR software helps manage stored videos efficiently and flexibly. The fundamental equipment in security camera DVR solution is a digital video recorder security system (which can be PC-based mini DVR, standalone DVR, or a mini portable DVR).

Security cameras DVR is used in a single site video surveillance system solution and consists of a DVR control manage software for digitization, compression, and recording of video images.

Once the security cameras capture the video images, the security camera DVR receives the images over coaxial cable and then performs other functions. DVR security camera system is still widely used. There are portable DVR, standalone DVR, PC-based DVR, or even mobile DVR.

Security system manufacturers have integrated newer technologies such as wireless IP security cameras with DVR systems to create a hybrid highly efficient PC-based digital video recorder solution.

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Spy Video Camera Security Systems: Hidden Cams in Your Home

If you’re looking for an option that allows you to check the security of your home and at the same time record spy video footage then hidden video security camera with built-in DVR recorder is your best option.

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Almost 90% of DVR video spy security systems come as integrated systems and they are really popular because they do not need any other security equipment.

The hidden spy cameras and the DVR recorder are housed in the same unit. The covert spy camera records directly to an SD card included in the package.

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You can then view the footage by inserting the SD card into your computer or plugging your security  DVR recorder to your TV using an RCA cable included free in the package. Wireless spy cameras come in various non-intrusive disguises such as wall clock hidden camera with built-in DVR, digital picture frame with built-in DVR, mantel clock with hidden camera and DVR.

Some other options are electrical outlet hidden camera, air purifier hidden camera, desk lamp hidden camera, DVR motion detector camera, mirror hidden camera, among others.

The built-in features of the spy camera systems give you the flexibility to simply set up the video surveillance camera and begin recording – no worries about running video wires or setting up a separate recording device!

It is also very easy to hide them in several places and use them to plant electronic bugs without drawing attentions.

CCTV Security Digital Video Recorder: Is it Good Enough?

CCTV is a generic name people have come to associate with video security and surveillance systems. Whenever someone sees any surveillance camera, either network IP camera or analog camera, they just call it a generic name: CCTV.

CCTV surveillance systems are a more traditional security system solution which is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. CCTV security camera systems are not internet enabled. There is no IP surveillance and monitoring involved.

The fundamental equipment consists of Analog cameras, DVR system (which can be PC-based DVR, standalone DVR, or a mini portable DVR), coaxial cables, TV monitor and/or matrix.

Recording of video images are done locally and users are required to use CCTV software application bundled with their purchase to manage the recorded images. See how CCTV Security system is different from NVR.

CCTV manufactures have also made a lot of efforts to make their CCTV digital video recorder future compliant. However, that time is gone, and we are now looking at the future.

Investing in an analog security system is not really recommended. Rather, a hybrid surveillance digital video recorder DVR is more efficient. Much better is a network video recorder (NVR) security system.

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