This is Why we Need Security Cameras in Daycare and Kindergarten

Childhood – arguably the best period of any individual’s life. The whole world is their playground. Anything and everything is to be explored and examined. Fear is something that they don’t comprehend at all. It’s the time to enjoy, to let go, to live life to its innocent best.

Ya, all that is true and right. But do we trust today’s world to let our child have a peaceful and safe life? What about the many nefarious elements that are out there waiting to snuff out their innocence and destroy their safe and secure world? And the time they step out of our protective hands into the unknown territory of the daycare and the kindergartens?

Of course, we do a lot of research and ask around a lot to our friends and their friends before we decide on a kindergarten and day care facility for our child. But however much we take care, still anything and everything can happen out there.

Children wandering off, getting injured or any parent’s worst case scenario, the child being abducted – these are but a few concerns that every parent shares. It’s in this scenario that daycare and kindergartens have been installing security cameras inside and outside their premises.

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Security Cameras in Daycare? 

Yes, that seems to be a very logical question. You can comprehend their needs in schools where many instances of bullying, stealing and vandalism could occur almost daily. But what could happen in a kindergarten? After all, to what extend can a child go in damaging the property of his daycare? Well, a bit of fisticuffs could happen. But, couldn’t that be sorted out by the teachers? Why should we have a third eye to watch the lives of our children?

All this and more was the reaction of the parents when the Redwood Kindergarten and Day-care Center installed surveillance cameras inside and outside its buildings. A similar reaction was reported at the Hawke’s Bay Kindergarten due to the installation of security cameras and CCTV. In fact, at Hawke’s Bay a few of the parents have already removed their wards from the place and a few of the teachers too have resigned in protest at this impeachment of privacy.

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Hasty Action or Genuine Concern?

In the case of Redwood, the decision seems to have been taken at the advice of a security agency after an incident of vandalism has been reported where a hedge had been allegedly poisoned.

Statistics differ about how many children have been removed; but still, are the parents concerns genuine or is it just a knee-jerk reaction against a decision that presumably was taken in all faith to make sure the safety of their children? The controversy rages on.

No matter what the conclusion is, more and more daycare and kindergartens are going in for surveillance systems with the dual purpose of providing security to the kids as well as insure immunity against charges of neglect that could lead to legal claims.

Some daycare centers event give the facility to the parents to keep an eye out on their children’s activities at the center through CCTV footage as well as IP cameras that would enable them to watch the goings on from anywhere in the world from PCs and even smart phones.

May be not vandalism, but what about mischief?

Well, kindergarten teachers are expected to be vigilant and alert. But after all, they too are humans. And however watchful you are, children would get into trouble. Ask any mother of a toddler.

There could be times when the uncanny radar that seem to be fitted in every child detects the exact time when your attention has been diverted and would pounce on the opportunity to create mischief. Then there is the child who considers the floor as something beneath his dignity and prefers to use anything that is hanging to lever himself up and let loose.

Well, children may not indulge in vandalism, but the word childhood is synonymous with mischief.  When there is a third eye, although invisible, the teacher could carry on with her duties with the reassurance that the child under her care would be protected even when she is busy with another kid.

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When we are so concerned with protecting our homes and our vehicles with surveillance cameras, don’t you feel that the safety of our children in the kindergartens too require equal priority?




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