Church CCTV Security Monitoring Systems Capture Thief

Video security monitoring systems in the CHURCH? Yes… I know you are thinking it. The question is, do we really need CCTV security system to monitor people who come to church to worship?

At first thought you would probably say “No” just as I would.

But, thinking about it again and realizing that not everyone who comes to church actually comes to worship… I agree that video camera security monitoring systems are priceless for use in places of worship.

Many people come to church to steal other worshippers’ money, credit cards and valuable items.

In fact, churches are rapidly becoming prime targets for most petty thieves and criminals because religious places have been considered “soft targets” since churches are places we would least expect people to steal from us. No doubt, church video security monitoring systems ensures public protection and personal security.

But, to drive home my point and show you how invaluable church CCTV security camera systems is, watch the video above and see Cynthia Martinez, 43, who goes to different churches stealing money and credit cards. She was caught on church surveillance video cameras during a mass service.

While the service was going on she located her victim, sat behind her and even exchanged sign of peace when actually she has come to tear them to pieces.

Administrators of church activities do not see the need or benefits for a church video surveillance camera system. They sometimes feel that security system does not belong in a church environment and that such a system would convey a wrong message to the parishioners.

Although acts of violence or crime at church are rare, however, things are changing rapidly and places of worship are fast becoming really vulnerable to people with criminal intent. Violence, robbery, kidnapping, arson, vandalism and child abuse in churches and synagogues are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world.

I once saw a theft in my local church; this was during a wedding ceremony when everybody in the church was beautifully dressed for the occasion. At a time there was an altar call for people to come present their gifts and show their support to the newlywed couple.

A young woman left her handbag on her seat. Unfortunately, when she returned, the handbag was nowhere to be found. If the church had invested in church CCTV security monitoring systems, apprehending the culprit would have been as easy as a breeze.

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Thieves come to church solely to steal, it is a place you would least expect a crime to happen. Well, as if Jesus himself knew this would be happening, he said it over 2000 years ago that a thief has come to kill, to steal and to destroy but he’s come to give life….

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Police cannot always be there to prevent such crimes but with the help of church video surveillance cameras we can be sure that people like Cynthia Martinez can be caught and brought to justices.

5 Best Ways You Can Protect Yourself From Church Theft

Do you go to church or any places of worship? If yes, then you probably need to pay attention to these few words of cautions.

No amount of video surveillance security systems a church may have can fully protect you from theft except you also take some precautionary measures to avoid placing yourself as easy target.

Here are 5 points to help you stay un-robbed in the church.

  1. Always put your purse in front of you, you can never know who might be watching
  2. Any time you have to leave your seat, take your bag or your wallet along.
  3. Never put your purse or valuables under your seat, at worst, put in under the pew in front of you.
  4. If not really necessary don’t bring your valuable items to church, it saves you worries and helps you focus.
  5. Avoid the last few pews it is the first target for theft. Sitting on the last pews make you vulnerable to easy target since pick-pocket can easily come behind you when nobody’s watching.

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5 Reasons Your Church Needs Security Monitoring Systems

Church leaders have been very reluctant to install church video security monitoring systems because they believe it conveys distrust and sends a message of fear among the congregations.

The truth is, properly installed church video security monitoring systems will never affect the feeling of openness and trust that most congregations wish to experience.

Church security is as much about awareness and being ready for the unexpected as it is about intrusion detection and prevention strategy.

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So, besides having church camera security systems, here are 5 ways church administration can ensure the safety of their congregation from theft, child kidnap and other unexpected problems:

  1. Greeters and ushers should have training to recognize suspicious situations or persons.
  2. Children should be monitored closely and only released to parents or authorized persons.
  3. Complete and thorough background check or references must be available on all employees and volunteers. This is of special concern for volunteers who work with children.
  4. Money and valuable items should be secured and listed for insurance purposes.
  5. Hire a professional security consultant to check your particular needs. Some security hardware will need to be acquired, but real savings can be realized by carefully planning and designing your church security system before you buy.

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Other Benefits of Church Video Security Camera Systems

Some churches with large congregations have been able to use their video surveillance equipment to offer video streaming of their services on the internet. This is something that can enhance the return on your investment for a security system.

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Be sure and check with your insurance company to decide what savings you might receive by installing security monitoring system in your church or synagogue.

We can never be too careful, an adage says “you can’t be too clever than the one watching you.”

With the help of video security monitoring systems knowing that you are being recorded can reassure the congregation and can prevent and detect crime.

Offenders can easily be identified and caught red-handed giving them no chance to deny the offence.

Video surveillance security systems simply act as an extra pair of eyes for the police, who simply cannot be everywhere at the same time, especially places like the church where people are expected to be their brother’s keeper.

Women in particular may feel reassured due to the presence of security cameras, as they are more likely to always carry their credit cards and other valuables in their handbags.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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