Ensuring Your Security Systems For Home is Fully Unbreakable

What a great decision you have made to review security systems for home to secure your life and properties.

If you are still wondering if you really need security and surveillance systems for home, then this video below will give you the motivation you need not to look back on securing your home.

Watch this video and see how outdoor security camera systems captured two burglars breaking into a home just within 20mins the home-owner went to run a quick errand.

They kicked, banged, hammered and broke the front door, and then, they stripped the family of precious belongings, flat screen TV and expensive jewelries all within 10secs of entry!


Observe that the house front door faces the main road and you would imagine that someone would at least see and stop these burglars.

Unfortunately, that did not happen as they made away with expensive valuables despite having good video security camera systems.

This is why every house owner should decide whether to install home video camera security system or home alarm systems.

The difference is in why and how you want to secure your home. If you prefer intrusion detection after the crime has occurred then a set of indoor and outdoor security camera systems is great.

Whereas, if you want intrusion avoidance or prevention then, your local home alarm companies would be glad to install wireless security alarms for you and provide 24/7 alarm monitoring service.

However, before deciding on signing a home monitoring service agreement form, you need to evaluate the vulnerable areas of your house.

These vulnerable areas are possible target spots that MUST be fully secured with residential security alarms to guarantee efficient monitoring.

Smart Tip: Before signing up with home alarm companies, find out the best home alarm and look out for home security companies having the highest rating and enjoy massive support of its customers.

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Home security companies would rather have you ignorant but you’ve just shown yourself too smart to be taken for fool by any home security company.

This article shows you the five most susceptible, highly exposed target areas which burglars will try to exploit. We also try to show you how to secure those places.

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Let’s show you some home security systems with excellent indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras producing crisp, clear, fine grained image qualities.

Prime Areas Your Security Systems For Home Must Protect

People say you cannot always be smarter than someone looking out for your mistakes; but we say, you can be smart enough to discover your own security weaknesses and find smarter ways to strengthen your vulnerable target areas.

Now, take a mental picture of your house, if a burglary were to occur, what would be the most likely points of entry?

Answering that question first will give you a quick snapshot of how simple, or complex your alarm or video surveillance security systems for home must be.

If you really want to know your surveillance coverage area… and by that, we mean those vulnerable, open-to-risk, must-be-secured part of your residence, then read on and discover more…

1.) Unlocked, Unsecured Front Door


Oh yes! Believe it or not, like most harmless people who enter your home, MOST burglars go through the front door more than any other spot.

When most people move to another neighborhood and someone tells them, “Dude! You’ve got to lock your front door!”

They scream, “Why? I didn’t have to lock my door in my old home…”

Home burglars would thank you and possibly pray for you when you make their entry easier by not securing your door. Make your front door rock-solid.

Since you don’t want your door to be kicked open, install a deadbolt lock, key-less door locks, or biometric door lock and protect the hinge side of your door as well.

If you use a digital video security system, then be sure to install a high-resolution outdoor video surveillance system. Logitech Alert™ 750e outdoor security camera system is a great choice. Get discount and free shipping!

2.) Unsecured, Easy Access Street Level Windows

If your windows are low and easily accessible right from the street without climbing, you might be looking at possible easy criminal entry points. That could mean basement windows or first floor windows.

You may want to consider alarm security systems for home package with infrared, motion activated windows and door sensors that triggers when illegal trespassers are detected.

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ADT security systems are excellent, tested and trusted options you may want to consider. You may even get a 20% discount on your house insurance.

3.) Unlocked, Unprotected Back Door

It’s not just a blues song: the “back door man” is one of the biggest threats to home security, right behind low floor windows. Back door entry is just a little different from front door entry.

Even on secured doors, most burglars would undoubtedly spend ample time breaking, smashing and vandalizing your door to gain entry.

Some technically savvy robbers would avoid kicking and breaking, rather, they’d spend more time finding tools to unlock your door. Now Get 5% off and Free shipping on All Lorex Security Cameras and observation systems

4.) Unmonitored and Unlocked Garage or Driveway

Getting inside the garage is often less intimidating than the house itself and gives a burglar time to regroup. From this point, they may even look over your own tools to help them get inside the main house.

Connect your home alarm system to your garage and keep power tools locked up to avoid this unfortunate method of criminal entry.

Be sure to install wireless driveway alarm sensors, motion activated security camera to give you good view of what is happening outdoors.

5.) Not-Too-Obvious, Unprotected Entry Points

Clever criminals can vow to get inside a house by all means and they are usually bent on exploiting any possible unprotected avenues.

That might mean climbing a tree to enter through an upstairs window, going through a side door, or any other unconventional method.

ADT alarm security systems for home packed with infrared, motion activated window sensors and door sensor.

You may also include outdoor motion sensor camera if you use video capable alarm security systems for home.

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What Are you Doing To Secure your Home?

What steps are you taking to protect your home from breaking and entering. Share your thoughts with us. Feel free to ask question. Leave me a comment. If you have also enjoyed this article, do me a favor; help spread the word out, stumble the post, click the tweet or Facebook buttons below. [/box]


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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