Security Systems Reviews | Top 5 Features of Future Surveillance Systems

If you love comfort, convenience, simplicity and high-tech electronics gadgets, then read this security systems reviews and discover how the next generation latest home and business surveillance systems will transform our world.

This security systems reviews highlight some of these cutting-edge features, and offer some smart buying guides. However, before we cut to the chase, if you are wondering what security cameras can do to help your home or business.

Then, you would like to see how business surveillance cameras capture a woman destroying expensive products in a store.

Now, remember those old bulky security monitoring systems cameras we used to see in homicide detectives TV shows? Those are no more in existence.

New generations surveillance cameras are cheap, very discreet, robust, smart and loaded with powerful features and functions. These improved features enhance users’ experience, promote simple and convenient installation.

They can also connect to the user’s smart phones for simple, easy access to the security monitoring devices at home. That said, let us show you some excellent, really advanced features to watch out for in next generation smart security and surveillance systems for home.

Surveillance Systems with Wireless Connectivity

wireless connectivity

Let’s get this straight, wired security system is the most reliable in terms of reliability.

However, if you want smartness, instant connection, ease of mobility and ability to move your devices to various locations without drilling holes in your wall, then wireless surveillance systems cameras are your best bet.

There are some systems that combine both wired and wireless connectivity. It means about 50% reduction in wiring. So instead of having two wires extending from your cameras:

One for the power the other for connection to the DVR system for recording of data – you have only one wire doing both. This technology is called Power over Ethernet (POE).

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POE is a powerful technology that combines all the benefits of wired and wireless systems into one single installation. POE wireless video surveillance systems are especially perfect for old houses that cannot afford breaking walls for installation.

New houses are now having wired security system planned and installed during construction of their houses.

However, POE wireless home video surveillance system works perfectly for any type of installation locations. One of such video security system is the Logitech alert security master which is a low-cost, easy to install best breed among home video surveillance systems.

Since Logitech is a company that keeps innovating awesome highly pleasing high-tech products that garnered great hysterical security systems reviews, I can boldly recommend them anytime.

Okay…. if you’re like me, you’d need proofs or some real facts about Logitech Power over Ethernet video security systems.

DVR Security System Monitors with Smart Touch Screens

Touch screen monitorsIn this age of iPad, iPhone, iPod, and i-everything; having “i-screen”- wireless security monitoring systems for home is definitely not less important, and… We will not say otherwise in our reviews.

Now, think about it, what makes all these i-whatever revolutionary is the touch-screen capabilities (besides other software features, of course). Hence, a DVR security camera system with touch screen monitor is highly desirable.

To help you understand better, have you had someone else’s phone in your hand and the first thing you want to do is swipe your fingers across the screen hoping to see some sleek actions?

Well, Yes, I have…. That is probably because smart touch phones and screens have so much permeated our society that we swipe our fingers on anything flat so intuitively.

Imagine yourself sitting in your office with a security system monitor in one corner of your desk, controlling all your business wireless IP surveillance cameras remotely.

You can select or configure certain camera, zoom in on faces… all with easy but advanced smart touches on your security system monitor. The truth is, these technologies have come to stay and they can only get better.

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