See Why you Need Video Surveillance Signs on your Props

Surveillance signs and symbols have been proven to be helpful in many cases and crimes over the years. Not only do surveillance cameras deter criminals, as crimes caught on tape are more likely to be solvable and punishable, but they offer a sense of safety for those who use them.

Surveillance signs also help serve as warnings for criminals that their actions could be caught on tape making them less likely to approach a store that has known surveillance. Here is a list of reasons why surveillance signs and symbols can prove helpful:

Stop Loitering

Signs that warn of fines charged for loitering are good for stopping drug dealing and crime that may happen right outside of the store. Some customers may feel threatened coming into the store or may be less likely to come into the store if there is a group of people loitering outside of it.

Stop Littering

Not only is littering ugly, but it’s bad for the environment. No one wants to get out of a car and step on a piece of trash. People enjoy cleanliness and having a parking lot full of litter isn’t clean. Signs promoting fines and punishments for those caught littering, may be helpful in “cleaning up” parking lots of stores.

Stop Vandalization

Graffiti is a considered an art form but not necessarily one you want on your store or home. Artist of graffiti look for big, blank canvas and the side of a store is sometimes one of them.

Due to the risk of being caught, many artist wait until late at night to do their art which makes it difficult for store owners who don’t have late business hours to catch them. Camera’s and signs can help stop these artist from costing the business money to have their wall professionally cleaned, which doesn’t always remove the art entirely.

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Prevent Breaking and Entering

Having surveillance cameras pointed at the doors or entryway, could prevent a breaking and entering. Some home security companies such as ADT, give customers noticeable signs to place on and outside of their home to warn criminals that they are being monitored by a home security company. ADT has one shaped like a big blue stop sign, kind of ironic and clever.

Prevent Shoplifting & Theft

Shoplifting and theft are two big issues when it comes to being a store owner as they can cost your business money and stock. Having cameras inside shelves, walls, and above aisles is helpful in keeping shoplifter out. Two stores I have recently been to have come up with good solutions to shoplifter using surveillance.

At a local ACME Supermarket, they have tv screens showing the aisle and customers pointed in the direction of the aisles, as well as cameras lined down each aisle. Not only does ACME watch your actions, but so can the customers in the store who may look up at the screens while shopping.

Walgreen’s places cameras in the shelves and has strategically placed signs around the store that read “Smile You’re on Camera”.

Encourage proper conducts and etiquette

Employees and customers are more likely to behave knowing that someone could be watching or could later watch their actions on film. If a customer complaint was filed and can be noticed such as a physical altercation, it would be documented on tape and therefore punishable.

Promote sense of caution Criminals

Employees, customers, all are more likely to go ahead with their actions with caution when surveillance camera’s are around. Knowing that something or someone is aware or could be aware of their movements or actions, makes negative actions less likely to happen as they are more likely to be caught.

Promotes safety of customers

It gives a majority of customers a sense of safety to know that cameras are around and watching everyone. If a store invest money into a surveillance or security system, it gives them the sense that the company and owners care about the safety of their customers and value them.

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Decrease crime rate

Law enforcement officials are more easily able to find a criminal if their captured on tape versus just having a description of them. Crimes caught on camera can be zoomed in on and it is possible to find the criminals based off of the film alone. Being able to correctly identify and punish people, takes some of them off the streets and helps in making crime rates go down.

Help Protect Personal Property

Owners can’t always be watching their stores, just like employees who are working can’t always view their cars in the parking lot of the stores or homeowners can’t watch their homes when their away. Having surveillance camera’s ensures that somethings watching over their personal property and that if a crime were to be committed such as someone keying a car or breaking a window, that the person who did it would be more easily caught.


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