Seven ways to make your home more secure

Burglars and criminals are opportunistic – if they see a property that is lacking in security they are more likely to target it. That means you need to do everything you can to improve the safety systems in place in and around the house. Here are seven ways that will make your home more secure.

Install an alarm

Alarms are becoming increasingly popular as a method of home security. There’s a huge range of options available including everything from simple noise-making alarms to fully monitored systems. These will need to be professionally installed and that can be a relatively expensive option, but a good alarm system will leave you feeling much safer.

The kind that you choose will depend on your needs and budget, but remember that it always pays to be more careful in the long run. You will thank yourself for investing the extra money if the nightmare comes true and you suffer a break in.

Deadlock the door

Burglars and criminals will target homes that are easier for them to get into. That means you need to do everything you can to put them off the idea of targeting your property. But if your doors only have a basic lock they are likely to look like an easy option. That’s why it is a great idea to have mortise deadlocks installed on any exterior door where they can be fitted.

Deadlocks add that extra layer of protection as they are larger than standard cylindrical locks which simply makes them harder to break down. Mortise locks are undoubtedly more expensive than other options but it is well worth spending the money.

New garage doors

It is no good investing lots of money in safety equipment and systems if you are going to leave serious vulnerabilities in your home. If your garage offers an entry point to the rest of your home then you need to think very seriously about upgrading the level of security that it offers. And the best way you can do this is by installing new garage doors.

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Apart from improving security, you’ll also be enhancing the aesthetics. Garage doors can be bought in a range of styles and materials, including steel and quality timber.

Adopt a dog

Not only are dogs a loved member of the family, they also function as an excellent alarm system. You don’t even need a large dog to put off potential intruders; most dogs can produce an intimidating bark when they see a stranger approaching the home. These territorial animals will do their best to keep people they don’t know away – just ask your postman. Having a dog will enrich your life in many ways, so the added security benefits are only a small reason why adopting one is a great idea.

Motion sensing lights

Another great way to ward intruders off is by installing motion sensing lights. Aside from the fact that you can will be able to see people who are trying to approach the house, these lights also scare criminals off and warn them that your home has plenty of security systems in place. This all adds up as a great way to discourage anyone from choosing your home as a target.

Make it harder for burglars

The most important point for home security is making things as difficult as you can for burglars. All of the previous points build in challenges for intruders, but it’s important you don’t miss out some of the other safety essentials.

For example, many people like to leave a spare set of keys hidden somewhere in the garden for when they ever get locked out. The problem is that criminals are very aware of this practice and one of the first things they will do is to look for a spare key in the obvious places.

Equally you must remember that burglars will pick the easiest routes into your home. Therefore it’s sensible to reinforce ground floor doors and windows so that they cannot be easily used as an entry point.

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Don’t make it obvious you’re away

Many people return from holiday to find the awful scenario that their home has been burgled. They will curse their luck that the burglars gained entry exactly when they were away on holiday. But of course it has nothing to do with luck. In the days of social media it’s all too easy to brag about the fact that you are on holiday – unfortunately that draws attention to the fact that your home is empty. Do yourself a favour and leave the bragging for once you get back.

Article provided by Sara Bryant working together with Home Improvement companies including Wessex Garage Doors, who were consulted over this post.


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