Skydiving at its Best with Surveillance Cameras

Skydiving– man’s attempt to imitate birds at their best! The joy of falling freely through the skies, the cold air rushing towards you, the fear gripping your belly while plummeting from unimaginable heights towards the unknown below – earth.

Yes, skydiving is the hardcore adventurist’s ultimate fantasy.

The diving is of course, an adventure in itself. But what is equally thrilling is the rush of adrenalin that fills you when you watch the video footages of your jump. Yes, the feeling is almost equivalent to that of the actual jump. Today, with world class sophisticated technological tools, videos of sky diving have become an art. Let’s dive through some of the joys of this technology.

The pleasure of recording the dive

The market is flooded with top end equipments that can enable skydivers record their dive. The mini surveillance devices attached to the diver records every movement of the skydiver’s jump. This would not just aid in preserving the glorious movements forever on film, but in case something goes wrong, the footage can be used for identifying the cause of the calamity.

These secret equipments could be attached to any part of the diver’s body from his helmet to his chest to even his gloves. Yes, recently when the Australian dare devil skydiver Felix Baumgartner attempted – successfully – to be the first man to break the sound barrier while skydiving, he was mounted with five different security devices to preserve the moment for posterity.

The glory can be momentary, but when it is preserved on the best camera security system, it becomes an eternal proof of your daredevilry.

Skydiving cameras in natural disasters

Hurricane Sandy struck utter devastation in the east – the extent of the damage is still being assessed. And these efforts are being aided by surveillance cameras and some of the best wireless camera recorders around. The efforts of the rescue missions as well as the wreckage are being documented by the divers. This would not just help to assess the situation more accurately, but could also be used as training videos for educational purposes in future.

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Another advantage of using these motion security camera is to keep the public informed of the current situations. We may not be able to stop these natural killers, but we can definitely use the images generated by them to increase our knowledge and preparedness.

The cameras in skydiving

Naturally, skydiving cameras have to be weatherproof as the high amount of moisture in the upper layers of the atmosphere could be damaging to the equipment. Of course, it goes without saying that divers need to also use mainly weatherproof equipments while diving. Mostly the cameras are attached to the helmet or the head gear. The common attachment place is the forehead area.

The hands free camera attachment gives maximum freedom for movement to divers. But, care has to be taken that these cameras are attached to the helmet as firmly as possible to avoid them falling loose. During the dive, the skydiver takes numerous positions from the straight upright position to the head-over-heels posture. So the chances of the camera equipment falling loose cannot be discounted. Hence, be sure to attach them securely to your body.

The same can be the case with the mini security cameras at the wrist too. You also have to avoid shaking the cameras during freefall.

Go for only the best

Shopping for diving cameras can be an adventure too! There are numerous cameras on the market that promise the sky and beyond. But, beware these assurances aren’t always trustworthy. And cheap camera surveillance systems could hardly ever be the best. They may come with many assurances of quality and high performance, but you should take these claims with a pinch of salt.

Why settle for second best? Choose only the best surveillance systems – after all its your security on the balance. Make memories last with the topmost wireless recorders.