Effectiveness of Surveillance Camera System for Homes

CCTV cameras started from jail houses to keep prisoners in, but now, we’ve found use for them in our homes to keep criminals out. How else would we use them in future?

Some of the interesting investigative TV series I love so much are NCIS, CSI Miami, Criminal Mind as well as related forensics and detective stories.

I find them so intriguing and very fascinating. The part I love so much is when I see how video surveillance security systems are being deployed and used to capture criminals.

That’s not all. The forensics parts blow my mind. I mean, isn’t it amazing that a tiny fragment of someone’s clothing, nail cuticle, facial and hand geometry being used to identify suspects and apprehend criminals.

State-of-the-art voice recognition software, automated fingerprint recognition devices and motion-activated spy cameras decoy as seemingly insignificant household devices.

The truth is, while most of the stuffs we see on these crime movies and TV series are futuristic, they are surely going to happen due to rapid technological development.

To understand how fast technology has developed, compare movies like Terminator(1984) with Avatar(2009) and Mission Impossible(2011). Imagine how video technology has developed and improved at an astounding rate.

The truth now is, all these technologies are converging, and they are fast coming to homes as home security monitoring and surveillance systems.

We do not have to think too far into the future before we imagine a motion-activated home surveillance camera system that doubly function as a house cleaning or floor washing robot.

Currently, we have home security camera systems that can sense motion on your property, send you SMS alert notifications, take less space, and consume less power.

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Another surveillance solution with remotely controlled and monitored networked security cameras for home can allow you monitor your house 24/7 from anywhere, even if you want to monitor 10 different locations.

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Add these technologies to the various next generation 3D biometric applications. It is not difficult then to imagine the amazing things those future surveillance camera system would be able to do.

Future home will be smart, safe, automated, green, energy-efficient and very economical to maintain. There’ll also be a role for 3D biometrics facial recognition in future home surveillance camera system.

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Would You Use Surveillance Cameras For Home?

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