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Six Easy Steps to Keeping Your Home Safe

Keeping your home safe and secure is fundamentally important. Your home is where your possessions are, where you find relaxation, and where your children sleep. Knowing your family and your valuables are safe is important for both your mental and...

Would You Spy on your Adopted Children?

I would not spy on, or track the movements of my adopted children. I believe that they would be entitled to make their own decisions, and reap the consequences of them; good or bad. I have heard of parents implanting...

Gawd! I Can’t Believe I’m Watching My Home Gets Robbed

This woman watching her home gets robbed used the Logitech Motion Alert Video Security systems. Caller: The cat freaked out, the dogs are hiding, Oh God, I can’t believe it …. They’ve robbed me before that’s why I have the video security camera… Oh thank God they got there..