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Why The Heck Do Police Release Grainy Surveillance Video Images?

Why do police release crime videos asking for help in identifying the criminals? Since police are expected to have access to database of every citizen, why can’t they just use their high-tech image recognition software to match the faces captured from the recorded videos with the faces in their database just as we see in the movies?


Lorex, Swann, Zmodo 16 Other DVR Can Be Hacked Easily – What’s Next?

Almost 20 brands of security DVRs can be hacked easily. These include rebranded DVR system from like Swann, Lorex, URMET, KGuard, Defender, DSP Cop, SVAT, Zmodo, BCS, Bolide, EyeForce, Atlantis, Protectron, Greatek, Soyo, Hi-View, Cosmos, and J2000 all of which use same DVR firmware provided by a Chinese company, Ray Sharp.


Office Video Security Camera System Is Your Last Line of Defense

Video security camera system in your office are not for decoration or fancy. Recently a woman with a gun in her bra and a male accomplice were caught on camera robbing a clerk at a Sacramento cigarette store. As the man and woman approached the clerk to make payments, the woman was searching her body frantically as if searching for her wallet.